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Winning in Three Days of Barcelona Test, Hamilton Reveals Mercedes Has Challenges

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Lewis Hamilton and Williams George Russell, will team up in Mercedes F1 2022.

INDOSPORT.COM – British driver Lewis Hamilton said there were many challenges coming for Mercedes after taking first place in the Formula 1 test in Barcelona.

British driver, Lewis Hamilton, was able to excel on the last test day in Barcelona by recording a time of 1 minute 19 seconds.

The former McLaren driver’s record time was 10 seconds faster than his teammate, George Russell.

Historically, Mercedes has never performed well in tests, but Hamilton and Russell were able to take the lead with thinner tires.

Even this result is quite good in three days of testing at the Catalunya Circuit, Barcelona.

Actually, position 1-2 for Mercedes is a familiar thing and rank 3-4 is occupied by Red Bull.

However, Hamilton admitted that he had no idea how he could easily outperform his opponent in the race.

Reporting from, in three days of testing in Barcelona, ​​Hamilton said that there are many challenges that will hit Mercedes, despite being quite superior in the test.

“This is an interesting day. Not an easy thing or not a good thing. We will have a lot of challenges to come,” Hamilton said.

“Of course, we had a lot of laps but we are happy with what happened today.”

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