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Windri Patilima shifts focus to face faith after easy win vs Alex

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Sunday, February 20, 2022 – 15:59 WIB

VIVA – One Pride Mixed Martial Arts welterweight (welterweight) champion, Windri Patilima, stated that he immediately shifted his focus to face Iman Lesmana who will be faced in the next championship match.

Iman is confirmed to be Windri’s next opponent after defeating Sarwo Edhi Sam in a duel contender fight at Fight Night 56. He was declared a KO over Sarwo.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Windri managed to beat Natalex Munster in the catch fight. Windri won quickly in the first round thanks to the americana lockdown.

Supposedly, it was the first time the fighter from Kotamobagu had a duel to defend the championship belt. However, it was canceled due to Alex being overweight as much as 4.6 kg.

Reluctant to be dissolved by this, Windri immediately shifted his focus to preparing himself to fight Iman. The reason, Iman was waiting to win his championship belt.

Windri said that Iman has great power. Thus, the fighter from Kotamobagu should prepare himself as well as possible so that the championship belt he currently holds does not change hands.

“Fighting Faith has become a homework for me to train even harder,” Windri told VIVA.

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