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Windri Patilima and Natalex Munster Proving Event at One Pride

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Saturday, 12 February 2022 – 13:17 WIB

VIVA – One Pride Mixed Martial Arts welterweight champion, Windri Patilima, is determined to prove himself against Natalex Munster at Fight Night 56, Saturday 12 February 2022.

In fact, Windri will face Alex in the party for the championship belt. However, the intention had to be canceled because Alex’s weight exceeded the specified weight.

When weighed, Alex weighs 81.7 kg or an excess of 4.6 kg. For information, the upper limit of body weight in the welterweight class is 77.1 kg. Meanwhile, the tolerance given is 2 kg.

However, after negotiations, the two fighters agreed to keep appearing. The reason, this duel will be a proving ground for both.

Yes, Windri was previously said to have won hockey against Theodorus Ginting. Meanwhile, Alex’s last fight was also considered not too special when overthrowing Rudy “Ahong” Gunawan.

“Proof let them know Windri Patilima. They said yesterday (against Theo) I won only hockey. But just watch and watch the match later,” said Windri.

On the other hand, Alex also admitted that he couldn’t wait to fight with Windri. He had even prepared a special technique to destroy his opponent.

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