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Win, Arema Talks about the Chance to Win

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Sunday, March 6, 2022 – 10:43 WIB

VIVA – Arema FC player, M Rafli considers a 2-1 win over Barito Putera to reopen the opportunity to win League 1 this season. Now Singo Edan is ranked 3rd with 58 points.

“This victory is very important for us to stay on the championship track,” said M Rafli.

M Rafli admits that the competitive landscape in the top 5 is quite dynamic. All teams have the opportunity to overtake each other. The team that is complacent will certainly be out of the championship competition. For that he asked Arema players to always focus on every game for the sake of victory.

“When it comes to the competition map, the top five will definitely bump into each other, so victory is absolute, there can no longer be a draw. Anyone who slips will definitely get out of the championship competition. So we also cannot slip again,” said M Rafli.

Barito Putera vs Arema FC

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Meanwhile, Arema FC coach, Eduardo Almeida chose a realistic attitude. He was reluctant to talk too much about the chances of winning even though Liga 1 only had a few games left.

“I have remained in my initial statement since I arrived at Arema. We play game by game for three points. After that, we will see where the team is. We don’t want to talk about champions, winners and winners,” said Eduardo.

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