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Why did Chelsea sign Lukaku?

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Romelu Lukaku is in the spotlight. Legendary Premier League player Thierry Henry questions Chelsea’s decision to sign Lukaku.

The Belgian bomber has not been able to live up to expectations after signing from Inter Milan for 115 million euros in the summer. So far, only 10 goals can be contributed by Lukaku in 28 appearances, including only five goals in the Premier League.

Disappointing performance shown by Lukaku when the Blues narrowly won 1-0 at Crystal Palace at the weekend. Lukaku only touched the ball seven times and contributed nothing to Chelsea’s attack.

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel then responded by substituting Romelu Lukaku during a visit to Lille headquarters last night. Lukaku didn’t play at all and Chelsea won 2-0.

Thierry Henry has worked with Lukaku in the Belgian national team. According to Henry, the combination of Lukaku and Chelsea will not work.

“I’ve been asking myself from the start, ‘will he fit into this team?’ Henry said to CBS. “For Rom, to adapt to Chelsea’s style of play, it takes time, it’s not easy.”

“Is it normal that he only touched the ball seven times? [melawan Crystal Palace]? No, that’s also not natural, whether the coach likes you or not. That shouldn’t have happened. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know how it happened in 90 minutes. But what’s the solution?”

“The solution for him is to find a solution to make sure he can adapt to their style of play. They like to press, be active and change the front three. He likes to be in front of the center so that makes it very difficult for him to adapt to the situation.”

“But again, what are you doing Why did Chelsea go after him and sign him?” Henry added, discussing Romelu Lukaku’s poor performance.

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