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Who’s By Your Side premieres October 3 exclusively on HBO GO & HBO

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Fans of Chinese dramas can stream the original HBO Asia series – Who’s By Your Side – exclusive on HBO GO starting Sunday, October 3 at 20:00 WIB. At the same time also present on the channel HBO, a series from Taiwan that airs with two episodes and the next episode airs every Sunday.

Directed by Golden Bell-winning director Peter Ho (何潤東), Who’s By Your Side starring Kaiser Chuang (莊凱勛) as Zhi-Sheng, an underprivileged and debt-ridden auto mechanic; and Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄) as Yong-Jie, the kind and optimistic wife with two jobs to make ends meet and help pay off debts.

When Zhi-Sheng accuses his wife of infidelity for no reason, it shocks Yong-Jie’s half-brother, Yong-Qi (Ning Chang (張鈞甯), also makes him feel terrified about his marriage – which should have been perfect, with Hao-Yuan, played by Ivan Chen (陳恩峰), comes from a rich and respectable family.

This one-hour, 10-episode series, chronicling problems in a marital relationship and its challenges, also depicts the painful dilemmas of its characters through a unique perspective on their daily lives.

Other players include Lu Hsueh-Feng (呂雪鳳), Ellen Wu (吳子霏), Michael Chang (張豐豪) and Chiao Yuan Yuan (喬媛湲).

Who's By Your Side

Who’s By Your Side brought to you by CYNC Design, distributed by MM2 Entertainment; produced by YD Entertainment, Deepwaters Digital Support and Win Win Entertainment; with director Peter Hoas well as the author Peter Ho and Chiang Yu-Chu. (cinemas)

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