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Who will be going to London’s Mola Chill Festival?

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Starting from the announcement of the Mola Chill Audition through various channels

@molachillMola Chill Festival needs a talent like you! Join our #moladuetchallenge and get a chance to perform in London. #MolaChillFestival #Mola

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Finally, Mola announced the winner of the Mola Chill Audition on Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 19.00 on the Mola platform and TikTok account @molachill.

The judging process was carried out by British singers Beka and Joy Crookes and members of the Mola A&R team in England, Dominik Prosser. The judges decided that the winner of the Mola Chill Audition who had the right to go to London was the duo from Bali, Shining Shimmering Spledid, Raynard Bai and Sancita Resen.

Mola Chill Festival London

The judges gave positive comments when watching the Shining Simmering Splendid audition video. “I love their unique songs and performances!” said Joy Crookes. While Mola A&R Personnel in the UK, Dominik Prosser said, “Shining Simmering Splendid is very energetic! They are full of confidence, really funand bring party vibes contagious. We will welcome them to London!”. Beka did not miss commenting on Instagram @reynardbai “Congratulations to you guys, you are very talented! I really like to see confidence We, super memorable writing and I can’t wait to meet you!”

Neither Raynard nor Sancita thought that they had won the Mola Chill Audition and would represent Indonesia at the Mola Chill Festival London on 29 October 2021.

“Well, honestly, we both didn’t really think that we would be chosen to win the audition because we saw so many potential contestants and honestly, we think all of them are good,” said Raynard and Sancita.

“But when on social media people started congratulating, and some friends personally contacted us via text, we both became tense and nervous and confused. Finally, the Mola team contacted us via social media, and it was crazy to feel really happy, mixed feelings, crying, and very grateful that our work could be appreciated. Thank You MOLA,” they added.

The Mola Chill Festival London event is the launch of Mola’s presence in England, Italy, Malaysia and Singapore. In addition to the Mola Chill Audition winner, the event will be enlivened by many artists from England and the United States who will be announced in the near future.

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