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What’s Trending Among Young Women Today: Fringe

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“Fringe has never gone out of style.”

Trend fringe which was once popular in the 70s again shocked the world fashion in 2016. The return of this trend began with the emergence of young people who like to take part in music festivals such as Coachella or Glanstonbury. trend fringe This is also affected by the lives of the hippies in the 1960s. World musicians such as Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin to Elvis Presley also popularized this trend.

fringe is a trend that is suitable for various groups. This trend represents strength (power) and sexy. Usage fringe can be mixed with accessories or clothes that suit you. Don’t mix too many accessories with fringe because it will make you more ‘busy’.

What's Trending Among Young Women Today: Fringe

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