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WeTV Original Shocked Married to Air Starting December 23, 2021

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WeTV presents an original series titled WeTV Original Kaget Nikah which will air on December 23, 2021.

Photo credit: WeTV

This romantic comedy genre series consists of 10 episodes that can be watched by all WeTV users via streaming or offline, for free, on the WeTV application and also iflix, or

Starring top Indonesian artists, Aurora Ribero and Kevin Julio, WeTV Original Kaget Nikah also stars a number of other artists such as Fero Walandouw, Steffi Zamora, Revaldo, Raisya Bawazier, Amara Angelica, Andi Viola, Karina Suwandi, Mathias Muchus, Pierre Gruno, Inggrid Widjanarko, Oded Kravitz and many more.

Shocked Marriage

Photo credit: WeTV

Taking a shooting location in Bali, WeTV Original Shocked Marriage also presents the beauty of Bali’s natural scenery. Lesley Simpson, Country Head of WeTV and iflix Indonesia said

“WeTV is proud to present the WeTV Original Shocked Marriage with Max Pictures which carries a taboo topic that is packaged in a very entertaining and funny angle. All scenes will be filled with laughter, and of course memorable scenes that will be the talk of the audience. This Vemmy Sagita masterpiece, supported by all the players who are fit for the role. We hope that WeTV will bring back the entertainment that has exploded in Indonesia,” said Lesley Simpson.

WeTV Original Director Shocked Married, Vemmy Sagita said, “Thanks to WeTV for being
gave me the opportunity to work on this Surprised Marriage series. This series is a challenge
for me because this series has a lot of education. What is education? Watch WeTV Original Shocked Marriage starts
December 23!” said Vemmy Sagita.

Ody Mulya Hidayat, Producer of MAX Pictures said, “It is a matter of pride for MAX”
Pictures can collaborate with WeTV. This is our first experience working with
WeTV as one of the best OTT with the best content too. I hope this becomes a moment
a good start and can continue and create quality local works that can be
well received in the community,” said Ody Mulya Hidayat

Kevin Julio said building Chemistry in the Surprised Marriage series was quite difficult because it wasn’t
suddenly what has to be like Tom and Jerry just like that, there’s something behind it.

Aurora Ribero also recognized the difficulty in building Chemistry. At first it was difficult, but after a while we could
build chemistry

Here’s the trailer

Lalita’s life was originally so perfect. He has a good friend, a dream girlfriend, even on his birthday
19th, Lalita was promised a vacation to Alaska by her parents. But everything changes when the wedding
Carissa, her older sister, who was only a day old had to end because Carissa’s in-laws found out
Carissa is no longer a virgin.

The incident made her parents curb Lalita’s life. His birthday plan to Alaska changed to a vacation to the top, where he met Andre, the son of his father’s colleague. But when her friends prepared a surprise birthday party for her, Lalita had an accident and Andre helped her.

Unfortunately, the incident was witnessed by residents who misunderstood, thinking that Andre and Lalita had committed immoral acts. Not wanting to be judged, Lalita and Andre’s parents had no choice but to marry off their two children.

Can Lalita and Andre survive their sudden marriage?

Aurora Ribero
Kevin Julio
Fero Walandouw
Steffi Zamora
Raisya Bawazier
Amara Angelica
Andi Viola
Karina Suwandi
Mathias Muchus
Pierre Gruno
Ingrid Widjanarko
Oded Kravitz
Brigitta Cynthia

Vemmy Sagita

Ody Mulya Hidayat

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