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Wendy Red Velvet’s 28th Birthday, Fans Spread Cute and Sweet Photos |

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Wendy Red Velvet
Wendy Red Velvet (Soompi), Jakarta Red Velvet’s Wendy is celebrating her 28th birthday today, Monday (21/2/2022). On this special day, fans also conveyed their greetings to their idol whose real name is Shon Seung Wan on social media in various ways.

One way is to create a hashtag that says #HappyWendyDay on Twitter. In addition, many fans have uploaded a number of moments in the form of videos and photos of Wendy’s actions throughout her career as a South Korean artist on this birthday.

This woman who was born in Seongbuk-dong, Seoul, South Korea has indeed often become the world’s public attention since joining Red Velvet. Having lived in Canada and the United States, Wendy’s face makes her often attacked by fans outside of Korea.

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Cute Pose

Wendy Red Velvet
Wendy Red Velvet. (Twitter various / under management of SM Town)

Wendy’s birthday was greeted with joy by her fans from all over the world. Many fans also shared photos of Wendy’s action via Twitter with cute poses with the hashtag #WalkTheRoadWithWendy.

For example, the owner of the @nsy*** account who uploaded a cute portrait of Wendy throwing a duck face pose while wearing pink glasses.

Happy birthday our beautiful Angel. Always be happy and healthy, mother fairy,” wrote the fan.

Cute Pose

Wendy Red Velvet
Wendy Red Velvet. (Twitter various / under management of SM Town)

In addition to Wendy’s cute pose, many fans have also spread portraits of Wendy posing sweetly. As uploaded by account user @__Lu***.

HAPPYBIRTHDAY My unnie healthy, thank you for always being a moodbooster and inspiration lately basically LOVE YOU MY BIAS SON SEUNG HWAN WENDY, happy brojol in the world DEAR TODAY IS WENDY DAY,” wrote the owner of the account.

Wendy’s Hairstyle

Wendy Red Velvet has become a global public conversation because of her unique haircut in 2019. To the extent that her fans named her the Wendy cut style.

To the extent, a number of Korean netizens admitted that they were busy going to the salon while showing photos of Wendy’s as her hairstyle.

At that time, Wendy admitted on the MMTG YouTube channel that her haircut, which at that time became a trend, initially wanted to be different. However, because the process made her comfortable, Wendy kept asking that her hair be cut until it was very thin.

Wendy’s name

Before being named “Wendy”, this Red Velvet personnel had the birth name Son Seungwan. Not from the agency, Wendy got the stage name from her father.

Wendy revealed in an interview that the name Wendy means “a friend who gives help to those around her.”

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