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Welcome to Earth Trailer Takes Will Smith on an Exciting Adventure

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Disney Plus and National Geographic have just released an official trailer for their semi-documentary series entitled Welcome to Earth. The six-part series stars Will Smith and will stream this December.

This unique and exciting series follows Will Smith on a journey and adventure around the world, guided by experts as he explores Earth’s greatest wonders and some of its most hidden secrets.

“I have to make a confession. I’ve never climbed a mountain, never swam in a lake. I’ve been in a cave once. I started to think that I might be missing something.” said Will Smith in the promo. “I asked the best of modern explorers: take me to the ends of the earth. And they said, Oh, we can go further than that.”

The guides who will accompany Smith on this exploratory journey will be marine biologist and National Geographic explorer Diva Amon, polar explorer Dwayne Fields, National Geographic engineer and explorer Albert Lin, National Geographic photographer Cristina Mittermeier and mountaineer Erik Weihenmayer .

The series, which will stream in December 2021, is produced by filmmakers Darren Aronofsky and Jane Root. For Will Smith who is now 53 years old, he has never done anything like this before, so for the actor, it will be a true adventure full of meaning.

“This project is being shot in 34 countries, and it’s almost all about the hidden world that surrounds us,” said Jane Root. “One of the great things Will said during the production process of this project was how his grandmother told him that the best thing in life is on the other side of fear, and that’s what he believes. He talks about how he’s never climbed a mountain, he’s never been in a cave, never sleeps in a tent, and he decided to do just that a few years ago.”

Welcome to Earthwhich was first announced in December 2020 is the latest project involving Aronofsky with Will Smith after One Strange Rock in 2018. As for Smith’s latest film, King Richard, fans will be able to see the story in November.

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