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Weh Island Tourism Sabang: Routes, Attractions and Lodging

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Weh Island is the largest island of Sabang City when compared to other small islands in Aceh. This island, which is also the most end of Indonesia’s island, provides a very beautiful view and has become a tourist destination that is quite popular with many local and international tourists. If you want to vacation in Sumatra, one of the tourist options is Weh Island, Sabang.

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You can visit Sabang Weh Island by paying attention to the access below very easily. This island at the western tip of Indonesia is quite easy to reach.

Not only with private transportation, even with public transportation tourists can easily reach it. So for those of you who don’t have a private vehicle or are lazy to use a private vehicle, you can follow this route.

If you want to visit Pulau Weh, here are some explanations about access as a travel guide. With a very clear explanation that really makes it easier for you to visit it.

1. Air travel to Aceh

The first thing to do is head for the province of Aceh, which can be accessed in several ways. If tourists come from outside Sumatra, most choose air transportation. Just come to Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport with the desired aircraft fleet.

Or you can also arrive at Kuala Namu Airport, North Sumatra and then continue the journey to Banda Aceh. However, as a consequence, from Medan to Aceh requires a road trip of 12 hours and is more time consuming.

2. Travel to Ulee Lheue Harbor

From Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport located in Blang Bintang District, the journey continues to Ulee Lheue Harbor. Travel time is about 1 hour. This trip can be done with the preferred mode of transportation.

Starting from private vehicles, taxis, damri public transportation, motorized tricycles, and also labi-labi (typical Acehnese vehicles). Please choose any transportation with different rates. If you are a backpacker, damri public transportation is a fairly cheap solution, which is only Rp. 20,000.

3. Travel to Weh Island, Sabang

From the port, the journey continues to Pulau Weh. There are two alternative modes of transportation to get to the island, namely by ferry (slow travel) or fast boat. There are three hours of ferry sailing that can be used, namely in the morning at 8, noon at 11, and in the afternoon at 4 at a fairly cheap price (Rp 25,000) with a journey of approximately 2 hours.

For fast boats, the trip is only done twice, namely at 8 am and 14.30 pm. The ticket price is quite expensive at IDR 85,000.

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Tourist attraction

On Weh Island, Sabang, there are many tourist objects that can be visited by tourists. Therefore, it’s incomplete if you don’t stay there during the holidays. This island which is directly adjacent to a neighboring country will also certainly present many phenomena that provide valuable experiences.

Some of the attractions on Pulau Weh are mostly coastal and coastal attractions, including the following.

1. Iboih Beach

Iboih BeachIf you are looking for the most complete tourist spot, this beach is the answer. There are lots of inns, from the cheapest to the most luxurious.

There are also many vehicle rental services (motorcycles and cars) and snorkeling equipment. Culinary tours can also be done around this beach because there are many food stalls and good places to eat. The beach water is also very clear and the bottom is visible. The boat that floats looks like it’s floating.

On this beach, tourists usually also play in the water and ride a boat. There are also tourists who cross to the nearest island from this beach by rented motorboat. Iboih Beach is one of the famous beaches on Pulau Weh.

2. Zero kilometer monument

Zero kilometer monumentThis spot has a history for the people of Sabang. Many tourists capture the moment at this simple monument.

Although the scenery is not as beautiful as on the beaches there, this monument is the best spot to enjoy the sunset phenomenon. Many tourists are also waiting for the sun to set at this spot.

This monument is a symbol that explains that on this island Indonesia’s zero kilometers began to be counted. In the past, this monument was just an ordinary white monument. But now this monument already has a more attractive appearance because it has been renovated by the local government which makes tourists feel at home for long there.

3. Love Beach

Love BeachThis beach is a coral beach which does not have many sandy areas. However, tourists can still swim or play in the water on this beach. The location is not far from Sabang City and is easy to reach.

There is also a lot of greenery which gives a calming natural feel around the beach. There are many rocks on the beach that make this beach unique.

Tourists can also wait for the sun to set on this beach because the love beach is one of the best spots to enjoy the sunset. Tourists are also free to hunt for cool photos with the backdrop of an afternoon beach and an island across from the beach.

4. Elephant Tread Beach

Elephant Tread BeachThis beach is next to Kasih Beach and is still in the same area as Kasih Beach. However, unlike Kasih Beach which does not have a large sand area, the beauty of Tapak Gajah beach is precisely the presence of white sand and clear sea.

In addition, the long coastline makes tourists free to play in the water anywhere along this elephant footprint beach. Because the orientation is the same as Kasih Beach, this beach is also the best location to enjoy a charming sunset view.

Tourists are free to enjoy the sunset anywhere along the beach while taking pictures. In addition, the silhouettes of coconut trees, clouds, and rocks by the beach will add to the charm and distinctive atmosphere of this beach.

5. Tiga Sumur Beach

Three Wells BeachThis beach is quite famous on Pulau Weh because of the presence of three wells around the beach. The water in the well is fresh. Even though the location is right next to the beach which incidentally should taste salty.

This makes this beach unique. In addition, many coconut trees emphasize the typical tropical atmosphere of Indonesia that can be enjoyed by tourists. The white and wide sand of the beach combined with the clean blue ocean with the blue sky will also spoil the eyes of tourists who come.

6. Anoi Itam Beach

Anoi Itam BeachThe name of this beach already describes the condition of the beach. As the name suggests, this beach is a beach that has black sand. But the color of the sand is actually the main attraction.

In addition, there is a history of the former Japanese occupation that is on this beach in the form of a fortress. This beach is located in Anoi Itam Village, Sukajaya District, Sabang City.

Another name for this beach is sweet black beach. This name was used as a nickname for the beach because the beach atmosphere is still charming even though the color of the sand is black. That said, there is a lot of nickel content in this beach sand which makes it dark in color and heavy density.

7. Ujung Kareung Beach

Ujung Kareung BeachAs the name suggests, this beach is a type of coral beach that does not have beach sand. Tourists can enjoy a typical beach view of coral or sea rocks.

In addition, there are snorkeling spots that are no less beautiful than other beaches on Pulau Weh. This beach is also a good fishing location. Tourists can try fishing there and prove it for themselves.

The location of this beach is in Suak Indrapuri Village, Johan Pahlawan District, Meulaboh. This beach has a history for Indonesian civilization, because this beach was once the headquarters of the invaders. Prior to the 2004 tsunami, this beach was a residence for the TNI and Polri.

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8. White Sand Beach

White sand beachAs the name suggests, this beach has white sand. The calm waves on this beach are safe for tourists to play water around the beach. There are also green trees not far from the beach.

There are also boats that lean on the shore which adds to the beautiful natural atmosphere. There are also typical beach corals that make the beach more beautiful.

The view of the islands across the coast also adds to the very charming tropical impression of Indonesia. This beach is one of the best and most beautiful beaches on Pulau Weh. Tourists must come to this beach.

9. Rubiah Island

Rubiah IslandThe location of this island is across from Iboih Beach. To get to this island, tourists must cross by boat with a journey of only 15 minutes.

On this island, tourists will be pampered with a unique view of the northern coast of Indonesia with clear water. This location is also the best spot for snorkeling. The underwater park on this island is not inferior to the Bunaken underwater park.

There are many types of fish and corals that vary with charming colors. If you like to enjoy underwater scenery, this is the best location for Pulau Weh.

Lodging and Accommodation

Lodging and Accommodation on Pulau Weh SabangPulau Weh has a fairly good tourism development. There are many lodging accommodations that can be visited to stay. The prices also vary, ranging from the cheapest Rp. 100,000 to the classy ones at Rp. 1,000,000 per night. Tourists are free to choose which accommodation they will stay at.

However, to be able to get around Pulau Weh, the existing transportation accommodations are not entirely comfortable. There is indeed public transportation, but the operating hours are only until 7 pm. Meanwhile, the transportation of the turtles on the island also does not have a special route. For tourists who really want to get around comfortably, it is better to rent a vehicle provided at a relatively affordable price.

To save more time, don’t forget to ask for a map of the tourist attraction when you arrive at Sabang Harbor. The map will help tourist trips while traveling around Pulau Weh so that the trip can be more effective and efficient.

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Thus the explanation of Pulau Weh Sabang which can be visited during the holidays. Happy holidays in the western tip of Indonesia. Have a nice holiday.

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