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Want an Adventure Looking for Nemo? Snorkeling on Abang Island – Batam Come on!

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The weekend has arrived, various plans have been prepared with friends. For those of you who are still confused about where to go on your holiday, there’s nothing wrong with exploring the underwater beauty of Batam City in the form of a scorpion (when viewed from the air), namely on Abang Island.

The island, which is located south of Batam Island, Riau Islands Province, has an underwater beauty that is not inferior to some marine tourism in Indonesia. Besides being cheap, getting to this location is not difficult.

To get there, you just need to use a land vehicle to Hasyim Harbor which is located on Galang Baru Island. Vehicles will cross Jalan Raya Barelang, a road that connects seven islands, namely Batam Island – Watch Island – Setokok Island – Rempang Island – Galang Island – New Galang Island.

From Hasyim Harbor, you can take a motorboat or fast boat to Abang Island. The total travel time from Batam to Pulau Abang is approximately 2 hours.

For those of you who are lazy to bring a vehicle, don’t worry. Because there are a number of travel tours that provide transportation and convenience for you to get there, and of course it is adjusted to the price of the package. Only IDR 350 thousand is all. Land transportation (PP), boats, snorkeling equipment to lunch.

As soon as we arrived at the location there were several groups of tourists who were both going to travel to Abang Island. On arrival at Abang Island, we were taken to a rest house, aka rest houses located near the pier. There are about 4 houses that are used as a place to rest.

Maritime lovers must come here.

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With one vestibule, two bedrooms and one toilet. There are no facilities yet, it’s just a blank and empty room. But it’s good for resting and storing things.

After preparation, we immediately chose snorkeling equipment in the yard of a building located right in front of our rest house. There some residents of Abang Island helped us choose the right tool.

Don’t Throw Garbage in the Sea.

Want an Adventure Looking for Nemo?  Snorkeling on Abang Island - Batam Come on!Doc. Personal

It was just life jacket and fin only what is distributed while snorkels will be distributed later on the boat when it arrives at the snokeling location. The snorkeling destination at that time was Dedap Island, an island with three sea levels. And you already know that next, splash, get wet and don’t want to get on the boat when you see the underwater beauty of Abang Island.

Here, various types of coral reefs and fish can be found, including Nemo fish. For those of you who are marine travelers or lovers of water tourism, you definitely have to visit this place. which is definitely highly recommended. Here is also a very suitable place to get cool underwater photos to upload on your social media.

But… remember, traveling is okay as long as you don’t throw trash into the sea. No cool really. Curious? Check out our photos there. But sorry, I can’t take underwater photos.. SLR camera hehehe. Cekidot anyway, yes.

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