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Walking in Indonesia, this is the price of the Infinix INBook X2

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After being launched globally, Infinix immediately moved quickly by bringing the Infinix INBook X2 to the Indonesian market. Yes! This is not without reason because Infinix sees that its predecessor, the INBook X1 managed to make a surprise in the laptop market in the country.

Infinix mentions that the INBook X2 comes as the first laptop to have dual lighting on the front camera (Dual-Star light camera). This allows users to feel more comfortable when making video calls (video calls) anywhere and anytime.

Meanwhile, the body made of metal material and weighs only 1.24kg makes work with high mobility easier and more comfortable, an important requirement for today. 100% sRGB color range coverage improves color reproduction significantly on the INBook X2 display.

For consumers who are curious about the kitchen, the INBook X2 comes with Intel processor support. While in the power supply sector, this laptop is equipped with a large 50Wh battery that provides endurance throughout the day. This latest Infinix laptop series comes with variants, starting from the INBook X2 Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3.

As explained by Sergio Ticoalu, Country Marketing Manager of Infinix that since the success of the INBook X1 which was well received by the public, Infinix has continued to strive to be able to present the best laptops that can meet consumer needs from upstream to downstream. Therefore, the INBook X2 is here.

“We wanted to bring a laptop with cool style and amazing display capabilities. In other words, this INBook X2 has the impression of “Perfect Style Amazing Display”. Not only light, this laptop has a thickness of only 14.8 mm, “said Sergio.

Now! For consumers who are interested in the INBook X2, this laptop will be available through the first sale session on the JD.ID platform on January 22, 2022. The Intel Core i3 variant is sold for Rp. 5,999,000, while the i5 variant is priced at Rp. 8,299,000, the last variant is the highest or the lowest. using i7 is priced at IDR 9,749,000

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