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Wait For It, Bela! Zendaya Will Release the App Soon!

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What was awaited from Zendaya came as well.

Who doesn’t know Zendaya? Beautiful, young and talented, Zendaya does have her own charm. After fansShe asked him to share her beauty tips, now Zendaya is here to fulfill that request. 20 year old actress who is also the ambassador of brand CoverGirl’s beauty will release an application that will later load features live streamaccess to clothing line Zendaya, which is Daya by Zendaya, and don’t miss it beauty DIYsand much more.

“I’ve always wanted to have a container where I can make content-I am alone and can control what I make myself. I think the best way to entertain people and show more about me is through this app. Because now is the era digitalI want to use platform it’s to show people what’s special.” Zendaya told

This application is planned to be available on the App Store soon, at a cost of USD 3 or around IDR 40,635 per month.

We’ll just have to wait, Bella.

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