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Visit the 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Milan, Italy

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Maybe many people are familiar with Milan which is a famous and modern city in Italy. Now this beautiful and special city has a variety of tourist attractions with their own uniqueness. When visiting Milan, here is a collection of popular and very interesting tourist attractions to visit, namely:

1. Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral is one of the list of tourist attractions that you must visit. This building is included in the largest church building in the world and is also known as a popular tourist spot in Milan. You will feel amazed by the beauty of the building in the style of ancient Roman architecture. For information, this Milan cathedral has 135 towers and 3200 statues that are arranged very beautifully that adorn the roof of the building. From an architectural point of view, this building is considered a building with a very high historical value which is closely related to Milan itself. One more thing that makes it interesting is that you can enjoy the beautiful view below the city of Milan.

2. Vittoro Emanuele II Gallery

Vittoro Emanuele II Gallery

Often what we see is a shopping center with a roof that is as usual which is closed using certain solid materials, now in Milan has a very magnificent building or place with a roof made of thick glass which has become popular in the world community. This shopping center which was officially opened in 1867 has become a big magnet for visitors both local and from various other countries. Well in it there are various kinds of shops that offer certain products and there are also restaurants and others.

3. La Scala

La Scala

When visiting Milan, you should visit La Scala which is a venue or theater for an opera that has been worldwide, which of course is known by many people in the world. By visiting it, besides being able to watch the opera, you can also take a historical tour by getting to know various kinds of ancient musical instruments that are in it. The magnificent building and some of its uniqueness make La Scala popular and attract the attention of many people. Well, the thing to note is that when you want to enjoy the opera in the building, then you should be able to order it in advance and immediately feel the sensation of watching it.

4. Sforza Castle

Sforza Castle

The building in the form of this castle has successfully made it a popular tourist spot in Milan. You will find it easier to get to the place because it is still in the middle of the city. Well, another thing will happen if the building is located in a place that is difficult to reach. You will be more amazed by all the beauty of the various places in the city.

5. National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci

National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci

Another tourist place that you can visit is a place that is included in a museum with everything that is in it. This museum has a building with a different architecture that is very beautiful. Please note that basically this museum is dedicated to the famous Italian painter, Leonardo da Vinci. Well you can add this tourist spot that must be visited. Get your precious vacation time by playing qiu qiu 99 online on your cellphone during your vacation. By playing qiu qiu 99 online you can break the boredom while waiting at the airport or other transportation in Italy.

Milan has become a city that has its own charm. Now you can add some of these tourist attractions for you to visit while in Milan.

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