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Virgin The Series review – Cinemags

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Virgin The Series episode 10 has finally aired. Virgin The Series premiered since January 14, 2022 and episode 10 is the end of a teen drama story that is full of mystery but carries strong social issues today.

If the audience thinks that this series will follow the pattern of the Virgin story in 2004, then they will be interested, because this is different, this story will lead to problems that are more like a mystery story with Twist that can be said can still provide a surprise in itself.

Of course, there are those who managed to guess the direction of the end of this series, but on average the storyline is interesting and not flat, the storyline in each episode is able to provide reasons to look forward to the continuation.

Arla Ailani – Keke

The technique of storytelling begins with the core of the problem at the beginning and new problems that arise at the end of the episode are indeed interesting and overall the acting of the players is able to convey the essence of the basic problems, namely regarding the problems of women who are still in the stage of unstable age, looking for identity, to the character of women. lonely adult woman. Even these women’s problems are then used by men who are predatory at heart.

Like predators, they are able to create a comfortable atmosphere, making women who are victims feel that they are needed by the predator. The Predator then uses the “card” to pressure the woman who has become a victim, so that she wants to give even more to the predator. The predator then uses this for personal gain by making it a commodity and spreading it to other predators.

These subsequent predators do not even realize that they are actually being framed as well, so this circle becomes even more tangled, with the key to victory falling to the Predator, for being able to arrange everything into a puppet of the initial predator.

The language of explanation this time is a bit disguised, because the content of the story being discussed is a very sensitive issue, so it feels more comfortable to use this kind of symbolic language.

For those who have followed the series, of course you will see that although the plot is very sensitive, it is also able to convey an element of family warmth, which during their teenage years is something they want to avoid but also approach. Teenagers at this age want to try something new, but still bring the elements of education or what has been experienced in their families, but with the warmth of friendship and clear goals, they slowly return to their paths again, namely family.

Families can also return to the context of blood relatives, as well as families formed due to the same experiences and goals. At least this is what the screenwriter of Virgin The Series feels like to convey,Cassandra Massardi.

The Predator’s character, Lukman Sanjaya, is beautifully presented by Winky Wiryawan, which sends a message to today’s youth that predators sometimes appear in completely unexpected forms. He can appear as an adult friend who tells stories, a good listener, even though deep in his mind he is devising a way to take advantage of people who are having problems in front of him.

The figure of a tough teenager who has a definite purpose in life, Talita Arabella Adinatha, is well displayed by Adhisty Zara. He as the main character, is able to attract attention and make the audience feel at home watching until the end of the episode.

As for the roles of her best friend Brianna “Bee” Cita Yahya (Shalom Razade), Raya Fitri (Lutesha) and Faris Syahrir (Zoni’s Banner) , is able to quite match the game Adhisty Zara, so as to make this series not monotonous.

The drawback of this series, is that the flashback scenes and present-day scenes are somewhat mixed, the audience must first guess what the scene is that tells the story of the past or the present, and this makes it a bit less comfortable to watch. But for scoring to the arrangement of the scene, it feels very thick with the style of the director Monty Tiwa.

Some of the acting of the supporting actors also looks a bit stiff in some scenes, and can’t show the emotions of the characters being played, but still able to convey the intended message.

Overall, Virgin The Series includes an interesting spectacle, fun to watch and provides an ending that gives a smile for fans of the mystery and thriller genres.

Virgin The Series can be watched on the Disney + Hotstar platform

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