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Vanessa Carlton Reveals the Song “A Thousand Miles” Was Inspired by a True Story

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(Photo: Vanessa Carlton’s YouTube)

“Making my way downtown / Walking fast, faces pass and I’m homebound.” Hey, who in the 2000s really liked Vanessa Carlton’s song A Thousand Miles? If you forget, remember the song with the music video of a woman playing the piano while walking around the city from morning to night. Remember?

Well, this sweet song was inspired by the true story of Vanessa. The singer, who is now 40 years old, revealed that A Thousand Miles actually tells about his crush in the past.

This song is about crush-ku who is a student of Julliard [sekolah seni pertunjukan yang terkenal di New York],” Vanessa said as quoted from Entertainment Tonight. “I no can say his name because he is a famous actor and me no want to mention it,” he continued.

This singer and pianist also discussed the song hits hers with vice. Vanessa still no want to mention the characteristics of the actor, he also mentions the gender of the ex crushhis. “I did it on purpose no mentions gender and will continue to do so,” he said.

One of the alleged actors in question is Wes Bentley. Reported from glamorthe actor has the same age no too far with Vanessa and a fanbase in Facebook said the song was indeed about a Bentley and was written in a show. It’s still a theory, but it’s also fun knowing the person behind the song hits this~

Romantic song cheesy which catchy It’s really been 20 years you know this week. A Thousand Miles released in 2001 as Vanessa’s debut song in the music industry. The song was part of the album Be Not Nobody which was released in 2002. So catchyBy the way, this song managed to become the most popular song of the year and even entered the charts Billboard Hot 100.

Song success A Thousand Miles no it only took place in the year it was released, but you could say it’s still a success until now. Even though it’s been two decades, this song is still good to hear today. “Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles / If I could just see you tonight~

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