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V BTS Shares His Condition After Being Infected With Covid-19 | REPUBLIKA ONLINE

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BTS personnel, V who is positive for Covid-19.
BTS personnel, V who is positive for Covid-19.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SEOUL — BTS member V shared his condition after being tested positive for Covid-19 last week. He reassured his fans, ARMY, that he is fine at the moment.

The singer named Kim Tae-hyun shared two black and white videos of himself on Instagram Stories. “Thank you for your attention. I’m fine thanks to you guys,” wrote V Korean BooMonday (21/2/2022).

Even though V doesn’t speak in the video, he does enter subtitles in Korean and English. Although the messages are different, the two communicate the same thing, namely gratitude for the love and care, as well as news for their fans.

Big Hit Music has yet to announce an official confirmation that V has fully recovered from Covid-19. However, his message is reassuring that V is still strong and healthy, thanks to ARMY’s support.


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In a live broadcast on VLive, RM, Suga, and Jimin shared V’s current condition. In particular, fans were excited to see Jimin, who appeared for the first time after recovering from Covid-19.

Jimin also told fans about his condition. He shared feeling fine, even starting to exercise two days after recovering. During the broadcast, Jimin also told fans about what V was doing while in quarantine.

“Yesterday, I had a video call with Taehyung for about two hours,” Jimin said.

This doesn’t surprise ARMYs. Because when Jimin was unwell, V explained that he talked to Jimin to make sure that he was okay. “Ah, really? He must be feeling bored (in quarantine). Is he okay?” asked RM.

Jimin reassured fans by saying V’s condition. “He’s fine, he’s fine,” said Jimin.

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