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Using Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, Gading Martin Gives Tips for Creating Epic Content

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How far have you gone when creating content using a smartphone? Are you the snap-and-post type, like to explore camera features manually, or like to take a long time to edit photos to get maximum results? To accommodate various preferences from taking photos and videos, the Galaxy S22 Series 5G could be the answer.

is here to give you broad possibilities to create epic visuals every day, from the instant way to the most professional way though. Want to immediately try the experience of making photos and videos with better results, consumers can directly visit the Galaxy S22 Series 5G Consumer Launch on March 4-6, 2022 in Kota Kasablanka and Central Park.

Gading Marten, a loyal Galaxy smartphone user, doesn’t want to miss having fun with the Galaxy S22 Series 5G. He also invited visitors to the Galaxy S22 Series 5G Consumer Launch which was held from 4-6 March 2022 in Kota Kasablanka and Central Park to create epic creative content with the Galaxy S22 Series 5G.

“I’ve tried all the Galaxy S22 Series 5G smartphones, and the Ultra series is my favorite because of the most advanced camera and screen. Now I like to make aesthetic photos or videos, and use the S22 Ultra 5G. The results really look epic,” said Gading Marten.

Not only that, Gading Marten also said that the Nightography on the Galaxy S22 Ultra is difficult to be matched by other premium flagship smartphones. The resulting photos and videos look clear and vibrant with one click. If you have the intention, he can also set it manually in pro mode, just like a professional camera.

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