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US journalist shot dead by Russian soldier in Ukraine

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – An American journalist, Brent Renaud died in Ukraine.

Brent Renaud and a colleague were attacked near the capital, Kyiv, regional police and a government official said.

Quoted from Al JazeeraRussian troops opened fire on the car of Brent Renaud and other journalists in Irpin, about 10 km northwest of the capital, Kyiv police said in a statement on Sunday (13/3/2022).

Meanwhile, the injured journalist has been taken to a hospital in Kyiv.

The adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister, Anton Herashchenko, confirmed the incident on the Telegram channel.

The hospitalized journalist said he and a colleague were shot after they were stopped at a checkpoint just after a bridge in Irpin.

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Juan Arredondo told Italian journalist Annalisa Camilli in an interview from hospital before being taken for surgery that the colleague who was with him was hit in the neck and remained on the ground the previous Sunday.

Camilli told the news agency The Associated Press that he was in the hospital when Arredondo arrived and that Arredondo himself had been injured, hit in the lower back when stopped at a Russian checkpoint.

He told Camilli that he and Renaud were filming refugees fleeing the area when they were shot while in a car approaching a checkpoint.

The driver turned around but gunfire at them continued, Arredondo added.

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