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Uproar! Drake Allegedly Poured Hot Sauce on Used Condoms Because of This

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PeekCeleb – An Instagram model is rumored to be suing Drake. According to reports circulating, Drake is said to have poured hot sauce on his used condom after having sex with the Instagram model.

However, the Instagram model actually inserted the contents of Drake’s condom into her genitals with the aim of getting pregnant. As a result, the model experiences a burning sensation. What is the complete chronology like? Scroll Come on for the full article!

Having Sex with an Instagram Model


Photo: Various sources

An Instagram model whose name he did not reveal said he would soon file a lawsuit against Drake. While chatting with Too Much Hot Teathe model admitted to having had sex with Drake.

Drake and the Instagram model are said to have had sex without status after meeting a few weeks ago. Until finally, the two of them had a party and decided to rent a hotel. Drake and the model smoke weed for a while.

Then, Drake asked the Instagram model to have sex. The model also agreed. The sexual relationship is based on consensual and no coercion. Before having sex, Drake went to the bathroom to get a condom.

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