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Upheaval, David Jordan’s Sensational Victory Spiced by Cheating

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Tuesday, February 8, 2022 – 00:06 WIB

VIVA – Talking about the best Indonesian boxer, it’s impossible not to mention the name Daud Jordan. The boxer from West Kalimantan, who has adorned the national and world boxing ranks, has a good name even today.

David ‘Cino’ Jordan’s deadly blow has claimed many victims, both at home and abroad. There was one Cino duel that was quite phenomenal, when he clashed with a boxer from Russia named Pavel Malikov who cheated in the middle of the fight.

David Jordan vs Pavel Malikov

The duel for the WBA Intercontinental lightweight belt took place at DIVS, Ekaterinburg on 23 April 2018. Pavel’s capital at that time was 13 professional matches with 5 knockout wins. Meanwhile, Daud has been on a vacuum for 1 year from the boxing ring. But David is not without capital, before diving into the game, David has forged serious preparations in Spain. He was ready to snatch the belt from Pavel’s plate.

Exciting battles became decorations at the beginning of the round, buying and selling of punches occurred, causing the foreheads of the two boxers to bleed. Neither David nor Pavel relaxed until finally in the sixth round.

Pavel misbehaved, he instead slammed David Jordan hard, causing David to be in pain. The referee stopped the fight and warned Pavel.

But Daud was still able to get up and destroy the Russian boxer by KO. Precisely in the 8th round, Cino released a clean hit to Pavel’s ribs and closed with a hard left hook. Pavel suddenly fell while holding his left rib.

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