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Update Stealing Raden Saleh; Officially Entered Production Period

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Visinema’s First Heist Film Steals Raden Saleh Officially Enters Production Period

As the first Indonesian to study art in Europe, Raden Saleh then amazed the world with his paintings.

This inspired director Angga Dwimas Sasongko to write a story with a heist element which also became Visinema’s first action and crime film.

After the plan made netizens excited at the Visinema Week 2021 event, Angga said that the passion project that he had been delaying for 3-4 years was now starting to be produced.

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Full of Top Young Actors and Actresses
The film Stealing Raden Saleh tells the story of 6 young people who plan to steal a priceless painting at the Presidential Palace, namely the painting The Arrest of Prince Diponegoro by Raden Saleh.

This group of young people is played by talented actors such as Iqbaal Ramadhan (The Forger-Piko), Angga Yunanda (The Hacker-Ucup), Aghniny Haque (The Brute-Sarah), Umay Shahab (The Handyman-Gofar), Ari Irham (The Driver-Tuktuk), to Rachel Amanda (The Negotiator-Fella).

Each character has unique abilities that befit their nickname.

Stealing Raden Saleh

Talking about the preparation for shooting Steal Raden Saleh, Cristian Imanuell as the producer of this film said that he was grateful to be able to gather so many talented people in the project Steal Raden Saleh.
“When doing big reading in one room, we (Visinema) bring together many artists, actors and actresses who are well known to the public. As a producer, I am so grateful to have brought together such amazing people to make the dream of the greatest heist of this century come true.” said Cris.

Visinema’s Farthest Leap
Not only played by famous young actors and actresses, the film Stealing Raden Saleh was also deliberately designed with a large production scale. Get ready to witness a series of action-packed scenes and car chases. Being the person behind all production preparations, Cris said that as Visinema’s farthest leap, he had arranged everything so that the shooting process ran smoothly and safely.
When I saw yesterday’s big reading, I really felt that Stealing Raden Saleh was a film with a large production scale. I personally consider this project as Visinema’s farthest leap during its work,“Cris continued again.

Stealing Raden Saleh

With the end of the big reading process, the film Stealing Raden Saleh is officially declared to be entering production. (cinemas)

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