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Update: Russia Again Kidnaps Mayor in Ukraine, US Journalist Killed by Putin’s Troops

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – An American journalist was reportedly shot dead while fleeing Russian soldiers.

A man named Brent Renaud, 50, was shot dead by Vladimir Putin’s troops while traveling by car in Irpin, just outside Kyiv, Ukraine, Sunday (13/3/2022).

At that time, Brent Renaud was traveling with his partner, Juan Arredondo.

Reportedly, Juan Arredondo suffered a gunshot wound to the lower back, and is being treated at a hospital in the Ukrainian capital.

Juan Arredondo told Italian journalist Annalisa Camilli that he and Renaud were shot after they were stopped at a checkpoint just after the bridge in Irpin. Tribunnews from The Sun.

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“We crossed the first bridge in Irpin. We were going to film another refugee escaping and we got into a car, then someone offered to take us to another bridge,” he said.

Brent Renaud, an American journalist, died in a suburb of Kiev, Ukraine, on Sunday, March 13, 2022, while collecting material for a report on refugees. Ukrainian authorities say he died when Russian troops opened fire on the vehicle he was traveling in. (Source: New York Post)

“We passed the checkpoint and they started shooting at us. So the driver turned around and they kept shooting.”

Arredondo said Renaud was hit in the neck.

Andrey Nebitov, chief of police for the Kyiv region, said Brent Renaud paid with his life for reporting the invasion.

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“Of course, the journalistic profession is at risk, but US citizen Brent Renaud paid his life for trying to highlight the ingenuity and cruelty of the aggressor,” he said.

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