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Update Chat Appreciates Kompro’s Selected Film Proposals

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For those who participated in the Short Film Production Competition from the Directorate of Film, Music and New Media of the Ministry of Education and Culture, of course, they have been waiting for the announcement results.

Through online preskon on September 15, 2021 yesterday, attended by Ahmad Mahendra (Director of Film, Music and New Media), Gunawan Maryanto (Writer/Actor/Jury Team) and Ifa Isfansyah (Director/Curator Team) the names of the 10 selected proposals from the 50 submitted proposals will be submitted. This is the next round of the initial curation of 352 proposals that came in first.

Ahmad Mahendra explicitly stated that the 10 selected proposals would have the opportunity to produce their films, of course facilitated by the directorate he leads.

But what’s interesting is that other participants will also be able to attend workshops that will be held in the future, because they are assets in the film industry.

The same thing was conveyed by Ifa Isfansyah, after showing a video showing the seriousness of the curator team in choosing 10 proposals with the theme of Indonesian Cultural Dynamics.

Of the 352 submitted proposals, as many as ten selected proposals have the opportunity to produce
films facilitated by the Ministry of Education and Culture. “Congratulations to the ten selected proposals, congratulations on implementing
the process of making short films, of course with the health protocol recommended by the government,” said Mahendra.
In addition, Mahendra conveyed that the ten selected proposals would have the opportunity to participate in the film festival
international. He also hopes that in the future the selected films can be shown at the Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival (JAFF). “This is a great opportunity because there are not just any films that can appear in JAFF,” he said.

For Kompro Film participants who have not been selected, said Mahendra, they will follow the improvement
capacity in the film sector by participating in workshops organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture through
Directorate of Film, Music and New Media. “Later there will be teachers who provide film sciences”
so that participants who have not been selected can increase their capacity and participate in Kompro Film again in 2022,”
he explained.

Ifa Ifansyah, the team of curators and Director of the Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival (JAFF) supports what
conveyed by Mahendra, that the films resulting from Kompro 2021 activities will get a special opportunity
participate in the selection process at the JAFF event which will be held in November. “If
it’s worthy, why don’t we participate in JAFF,” he said optimistically.

On the sidelines of Ngobras, Ifa also gave tricks to filmmakers in preparing good proposals, for example the content
the story is more highlighted, does not make excessive design, and good performance when presenting
the proposal. He also hoped that from the ten proposals that were selected and made into a film, it would be beneficial for all parties, namely filmmakers, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the jury, and the curator. “Hopefully later everything
can benefit from the program that was created and it was successful,” he hoped.

The 10 selected proposal titles are:

1.Ade: Ride To Nowhere, produced by Hore Production, Makassar;

2.Culas, Goodwork production, Jakarta;

3.Gang Permai 2, produced by Historia Kreator, Pontianak;

4. Mrs. Ora Sare, produced by Lab 162, Yogyakarta;

5.Jiwo, production of Catchlight Pictures Indonesia, Yogyakarta;

6. News from the Grave, produced by Kinovia X Childhood Gang, Tangerang;

7. Talking about Diana’s Honesty, the production of Kembang Layar Indonesia, Jakarta;

8. Troops of Ants produced by Gertak Film, Pontianak;

9. Pakcik Mahmud’s Radio produced by Zettamind Studios, Pekanbaru;

10. Taste (H), Confectionery Production, Solo.

Some have been in the production process and are in the post-production process.

For those who don’t know about this annual program, you can follow the latest news, including the upcoming programs through this social media

The Short Film Competition includes a 2021 program in the form of a story idea competition and production cost support to the competition winners (filmmakers/film community), to produce short fiction films with a duration of 12 to 24 minutes.

In conveying story ideas, it turns out that there are still many who think that Indonesian culture is only related to traditional things, even though cellphones as a representation of technology have actually become part of a culture.

We are still waiting for other works, and it is hoped that they will reach a wider area in the future. This optimism is believed, because this year the incoming proposals come from various regions outside Java such as Pontianak, Makassar, Pekanbaru and others (cinemags)

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