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Uniquely Handmade Plush Doll Encrusted with Swarovski Crystals!

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Tchi Tchi x Swarovski.

Plush doll company Tchi Tchi has collaborated with Swarovski on an exclusive collection for fall/winter 2017. Where is known for doll creations handmade which uses luxurious materials, such as furcrystals, and pearls, this collection of Tchi Tchi dolls comes with the inspiration of the 1920s style with Swarovski crystals embedded in the doll clothes.

“The design for these glamorous dolls started with a trial phase, where we determined the perfect combination of rock cut, color, silhouette, and size,” explains Fadia Dekmak, founder from Tchi Tchi. “Once the design is complete, we place the selected stones with great care and precision. We use only the finest quality fur, Swarovski crystals, precious stones, satin and French lace best. We pride ourselves on authentic values, without the intervention of machines in their manufacture.”

The collection of Tchi Tchi dolls, which are suitable as accessories for hanging in your bag, is available online starting today at with prices ranging from 5 million to tens of millions of rupiah.

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