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Unique Facts Behind the Popularity of Korean Snacks

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Today, the variety of South Korean cuisine is no longer foreign to Indonesians. Starting from instant food and beverage products, Korean baked dishes, to snacks street food which not infrequently makes us want to also taste it.

Various menus even had time to rise because they often appear in the community’s favorite Korean drama series. nowDid you know that behind the delicious food there is a unique story that reflects the culture and traditions of South Korean society?

Curious about the story, Bela? Read more below, come on!

1. Eat warm ramyeon on a pot lid

5 Unique Facts Behind the Popularity of Korean SnacksDock. Naver

This dish is the name for a dish of instant boiled noodles in South Korea. Unlike Indonesians when it comes to eating instant noodles, South Koreans serve ramyeon in a unique way.

For those of you who are familiar with Korean drama series, you must have often seen how to eat ramyeon by placing it on a pot lid, rather than a plate or bowl. Apparently, this method is done so that the ramyeon dish that is about to be eaten can be kept warm because of the hot pot lid.

2. Tteokbokki, an old-time luxury dish

5 Unique Facts Behind the Popularity of Korean

This Korean snack is made from processed rice cakes or chewy ‘tteok’ mixed with red chili sauce with a sweet, spicy, and savory taste from gochujang sauce. In the past, this dish was a luxury dish that was only served in royal circles. Because of its history, in Daegu City there is the Tteokbokki Museum, you know!

now, over time, tteokbokki can finally be eaten by civil society because it is available along the road in the form of street stalls. If you claim to be a fan of Korean culture, of course it’s not complete if you’ve never tasted tteokbokki.

3. Odeng and oden, similar but not the same

5 Unique Facts Behind the Popularity of Korean

Often referred to as fish cakeYou can find odeng at many street vendors when you visit South Korea. Made from sheets of processed fish, this dish has a savory taste and is served on long, large skewers. As one of the traditional snacks of South Korea, it turns out that odeng has existed since the Japanese colonial period in Korea, you know!

Japan itself has fine dining fish cake named Oden. Although they sound similar, the two differ in shape, where the oden is not stabbed and is often served as one of the ingredients for shabu-shabu.

4. Buy a corn dog, or a hot dog?

5 Unique Facts Behind the Popularity of Korean

Some of you may be familiar with the corn dog dish which is actually adapted from a modern culinary recipe from the United States. Although familiarly referred to as corn dogs, Koreans often refer to this dish as hot dogs, you know! So, for those of you who are going on a culinary tour to South Korea, don’t get the wrong idea, yes.

In South Korea, instead of using corn flour, corn dogs are made using rice flour and water. Filled with sausage and cheese, corn dogs in Korea are also often combined with French fries or noodles to make them even more delicious.

5. Stay up to date with Korean Crispy Chicken

5 Unique Facts Behind the Popularity of Korean

Although often associated with South Korean culture, actually this Korean fried chicken menu only appeared a few years ago. In the past, when the Korean economy was struggling, fried chicken was rarely served on dining tables. However, as the Korean economy recovers, Korean fried chicken restaurants have mushroomed and become the people’s choice. Even several times this menu was caught on camera in various Korean drama series.

5 Unique Facts Behind the Popularity of Korean SnacksDock. Gildak

After knowing the unique story behind street food Korean, so no can’t wait to try it, right? One of the outlets that serves Korean food is Gildak. At this outlet you can taste ramyeon, odeng, tteokbokki, corn dogs, to crispy chicken at affordable prices.

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