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Underrated, this Korean crime genre film is rarely known

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In fact, Korean dramas and films of the crime genre are quite popular. Although its popularity may not be as brilliant as romantic cinema and melodrama. In the crime genre, maybe you’ve heard titles of this caliber Memoir of A Murderer and old boy.

The good news, there are several Korean crime movie titles that are underrated alias is still rarely watched. Could be your next peat friend, wanna know the title? Scroll down together, let’s go.

1. Voice of Silence (2020)

Voice of Silence is one of Yoo Ah In’s best films besides A Burning. Here, he plays a village boy who can’t speak and works with his neighbors for a mafia. Their job usually revolves around cleaning the bodies, but one day they are assigned to look after the child of a rival mafia who has not been ransomed by his parents.

Even though he doesn’t have dialogue, Yoo Ah In uses a lot of gestures and expressions to portray his character. Spiced with humor and melodrama, this crime film is quirky and different from the usual.

2. Silenced (2011)

Silenced is a Korean crime film inspired by the story of the sexual harassment of a deaf-mute girl at her school. The culprit was none other than one of the staff and this incident had been going on for 5 years before it was revealed.

It is disturbing because there are many legal rules that actually hinder the investigation. The film, which is based on a book, stars Gong Yoo who later starred in Squid Games and The Silent Sea.

3. Mother (2009)

Mother is one of the internationally successful Korean crime films. Directed by Bong Joon Ho, he was even made South Korea’s official submission for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 2010 Oscars.

Kim Hye Ja’s performance as a mother who struggles to free her son who is accused of murder without solid evidence is widely praised. He collided with Won Bin who played his son, Do Joon, a young man with a mental disability.

4. The Drug King (2018)

For fans of cartel and mafia issues, The Drug King can be ideal entertainment for you. This cinema tells the career journey of a real character named Lee Do Sam who slowly builds a drug distribution business from his hometown, Busan.

His figure is played by veteran Korean actor Song Kang Ho who never disappoints. Spiced with comedy and dialogue that wittythis is a film that can open up the viewer’s horizons, besides being entertaining, of course.

5. Joint Security Areas (2000)

Although old, Joint Security Area is one of the highest grossing Korean films during its screening in theaters. The plot begins with the killing of two North Korean military personnel in the demilitarized area (DMZ).

The investigation was finally carried out with the help of a neutral party. However, in the process the two suspected South Korean militaries gave contradictory statements. Song Kang Ho appeared in this film and received a lot of praise.

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6. Hope (2013)

Inspired by a real-life sexual harassment case that befell an 8-year-old girl in Korea, Hope able to make the audience shed tears without realizing it. It is said that after the incident, Sowon the boy suffered acute physical injuries and suffered from PTSD.

He became afraid to meet adult men and even reluctant to be close to his biological father. The film then focuses on the efforts of Sowon’s parents to help her overcome the trauma. Full of emotion and can be a reminder for us to fight hard acts of sexual harassment in any form.

7. A Violent Prosecutor (2016)

Released in 2016, A Violent Prosecutor is a film that plays a reckless prosecutor who ends up in prison. Just like other convicts, getting started there wasn’t easy.

Until finally, he was able to use his talent and knowledge of law to help several people there. The prosecutor, played by Hwang Jung Min, finds his self-respect again and moral compass-his.

8. The Call (2020)

Adapted from the big screen entitled The Callerpsychological crime film full of plot twist. The intrigue begins when Seo Yeon finds an old phone in her former home while visiting her sick mother. Accidentally, the phone connects him to the figure of Young Sook who once lived in the house, but in the past.

When they share their respective life stories, Young Sook turns out to be able to change Seo Yeon’s reality from the past, where she is still alive. However, on the other hand, Seo Yeon thinks Young Sook can’t help her. Envy arises and Young Sook begins to terrorize Seo Yeon in various ways she can’t imagine.

9. Coin Locker Girl (2015)

Had aired at the Cannes Film Festival, Coin Locker Girl tells the story of a baby girl who was left in a coin locker. For years, he became a beggar until finally sold to the figure of Mama who turned out to be a loan shark and was involved in the human trafficking business.

Because of his outstanding talent, he was adopted and became one of Mama’s favorite minions. Until he fell in love with a young man who he should have killed because he could not pay the debt and his life was also threatened.

10. Time to Hunt (2020)

Time To Hunt starring several big names like Lee Jee Hoon and Choi Woo Shik. They play as two of four friends who rob a bank in order to leave South Korea devastated by the monetary crisis. Unexpectedly, the bank they stole was no ordinary institution and they had to chase after a figure sniper who want their lives.

Premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival 2020 yesterday, Time To Hunt actually has more potential to be a perfect work. Unfortunately, there are some plot holes which is a little annoying.

There are already ten interesting Korean film titles from the crime genre. Have you watched anything? Or is it being recorded for entry? watchlist. Please, yes.

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