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Uncharted Review – Cinemags

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Uncharted features exciting action adventures of video game characters which are adaptations of the Naughty Dog video game series.

Films directed by Ruben Fleischer and screenwriters by Rafe Lee Judkins, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, this has indeed released a lot of posters with a wah display, promising exciting scenes with incredible views from the sky, the vast sea and a group of islands. As if promising the audience that the thrill of this film will not lose to the thrill of the game.

The synopsis of Uncharted is as follows:

Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) is recruited by an experienced treasure hunter named Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to obtain the wealth accumulated by Ferdinand Magellan. This treasure has been lost since 500 years ago when a fleet financed by the Moncada dynasty, historically unclear whereabouts.

This simple activity then expands when clues are found, and take Nathan and Victor around the world in Asia. They both have to compete with the treasure hunters who are backed by Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas) the last descendant of the Moncada dynasty . Santiago Moncada is known to be very cruel, he strongly believes that he and his family are the rightful heirs of the wealth.

On the other hand Nathan is also looking for traces of his brother, the last one admitted by Victor, he knows of his whereabouts. Regarding these things, without thinking much further, Nathan was willing to do anything to be able to meet his brother again.

The trailer is as follows

The storyline with the theme of adventure looking for treasure was also popular in 2019-2004, such as through the National Treasure franchise. The scenes in this film are reminiscent of some things in the National Treasure franchise. This time the location chosen was in Barcelona , with many ancient clues scattered all over the city, without anyone knowing.

But when this adventure spreads to other parts of the world, action scenes on planes and the middle of nowhere, this is where the audience finds another side of this film which is the cold hand of the director. Ruben Fleischer. The characteristic of Ruben Fleischer through his previous films, such as Zombieland – Gangster Squad, begins to feel and gives an unsentimental drama side, between Nathan and Victor.

They both have their own reasons, and must learn to get to know each other among conflicts, actions and deceptive techniques, without realizing it turns out to find trust between one another. In this adventure film, who is friend and who is foe are indeed mixed very complicatedly, so that in line with the storyline presented, the audience is carried away to guess which one is telling the truth and this produces a twist which, although most audiences can predict, but will provide a new surprise for the other audience.

Tom Holland’s action gets a lot of space here, providing an opportunity for the audience to watch his acting which is more than jumping around using spider webs, like the one he played in the Spiderman film. It can be said that he displays something different action scenes and beyond the expectations of the audience.

The fast tempo of each scene makes the audience not have time to be touched by boredom. Even more Ruben Fleischer carefully puts enough breaks for the audience, interspersed with action scenes that are relentless, but still interesting to follow. This power is indeed in the hands of this director, resulting in a storyline that is followed continuously until the end.

This film will hit the fans of this video game, as well as fans of the adventure genre. The details of the scenery on the islands and the airplanes are also presented enough and give a certain feeling to the audience, although in some angles, there are a few flaws, but it’s not a big problem.

For those who are not fans of adventure films, they may feel a little pessimistic and question some details that are less acceptable to the logical mind. But this can be easily accepted , if you still like the action scenes .

The strength of this film can be said in the action scenes provided by Tom Holland. He comes with a character who has to live by the rules of the streets, but still seems a bit innocent and upholds the principles and mandates of his brother.

Uncharted is now available in theaters that play it, starting today.

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