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Two New European Original Series Coming to HBO GO

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Horror can come in different forms. Watch the supernatural fear that is gripping to the bone 30 Coins and feel the deep pain of losing loved ones in Kamikaze, two new European original series consisting of eight episodes each. Watch streaming all episodes 30 Coins on Thursday, February 24 and Kamikaze on Thursday, March 3, only on HBO GO.

30 Coinsan HBO Original horror series directed and co-written by renowned Spanish horror expert lex de la Iglesia (The Day of the Beast, The Last Circus), takes the viewer into a world of inexplicable terror. Shooting in Rome, Paris, New York, Jerusalem, Geneva and throughout Spain, the series revolves around Father Vergara (Eduard Fernández – El Nino, Everybody Knows), an exorcist who becomes a priest in Pedraza, a remote town in Spain to escape from his past.

However, a child who was born in an unnatural condition, explains that an all-powerful foe has found Vergara, and they will not leave him – or the townspeople – alone. There is a price to pay to be free from this evil force, namely a coin belonging to Vergara, one of 30 coins at the center of a global conspiracy. Vergara joins Elena, the village’s veterinarian (Megan Montaner – Sin identity, La caza: Monteperdido) and Major Paco (Miguel ngel Silvestre – Ferdinand, Sense8) to uncover the secrets of Vergara’s past and get to the root of the horrors plaguing their community.

30 coins

Supporting characters include Merche, the wife of Paco (Macarena Gómez – Dagon, Nieves) who was impatient with Elena and Vergara’s disturbance; Santoro (Manolo Solo – Pan’s Labyrinth, Marshland) as the evil high priest and spearhead the search for the last coin; Santoro’s Angel (Cosimo Fusco – Angels & Demons, Gone in 60 Seconds); and the Lagoon (Pepón Nieto – Periodicity, Witching and Bitching), the leader of the civil guard in the village.

Eight episodes of season two 30 Coins coming to HBO in 2023.

In the latest series Max Original from Denmark Kamikaze18 year old Julie is a tough and charming figure (Marie Reuther – Fantomforhold) with a loving family, good friends and have a very good life.


However, after losing both his parents and siblings in a plane crash, he feels lonely, surrounded by many of the things that most people dream of – youth, beauty and wealth. But wealth means nothing to Julie and she tries to find a reason to stay alive. He embarks on a dangerous and challenging journey from his native Denmark to various corners of the world.

Taking the theme of immense sadness, fear and feelings of helplessness that comes from losing a family member at a young age and finally finding hope in the midst of darkness, this melancholy series features a number of Scandinavian greats. Among them the mother Astrid (Charlotte Munck – A War); Thomas’s father (Johan Rheborg – Sunny Side); and the psychologist Psycho-Bo (Anders Matthesen, Terkel in Trouble, Checkered Ninja).


Taken from the novel “Muleum” by Norwegian writer Erlend Loe, Kamikaze make Her World Premiere was at the Series Mania festival in Lille, France, where Marie Reuther won the award for Best Actress in the International Competition.

Watch stream or download 30 Coins and Kamikaze only in HBO GO.

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