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Twenty Five Twenty One, Kim Tae Ri’s Return After Mr. sunshine

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Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk are united in the Korean drama Twenty Five Twenty One. This drama was directed by Jung Ji Hyun, who was previously successful through Mr. Sunshine to The King: Eternal Monarch.

At a press conference held recently, Kim Tae Ri said he was happy to be working with Jung Ji Hyun again after previously being successful through Mr. sunshine. This drama is also the return of the actress after four years of vacuum from the small screen.

One thing that attracted Kim Tae Ri to appear in this drama was the different script. Just by reading the script, the actress claimed to be happy.

“Currently, many mystery, horror, science fiction, and thriller dramas are becoming mainstream. But I feel happy when I read the script for Twenty-Five Twenty-One,” said Kim Tae Ri.

“I was attracted because of my character, Na Hee Do, who has a cheerful and energetic personality,” he continued.

Twenty Five Twenty One Photo: (doc. Netflix)

Kim Tae Ri will play the role of Na Hee Do, a fencer who pursues big ambitions. He meets Bak Yi Jin, a hardworking young man played by Nam Joo Hyuk who is trying to rebuild his life and family that have been affected by the economic crisis.

“The story that is shown on the small screen may indeed be a drama, but I think a lot of things in this series are also happening during the COVID-19 pandemic. This allows viewers to easily empathize with the experiences of the main characters,” said director Jung.

“Taking the setting in 1998, some viewers may be nostalgic with the clothes worn and the buildings shown in Twenty Five Twenty One. Meanwhile, young people can find the charm of South Korea in the late 1990s,” he concluded.

Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri also encountered challenges during filming Twenty Five Twenty One. Read on in the next article, OK!

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