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Tulle Skirt, The New Fashion Trend You Must Try

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Make us wanna do a ballet.

Tulle skirt or commonly referred to as a tutu skirt, is a skirt that is usually used by ballerina. But as time goes by, the fashion world adapts this one style so that it can be used every day. Mix and matchit’s not too hard either. The key, use something simple and not excessive to balance your tutu skirt. Come on, take a look at the tips below.

1. A denim shirt can be a perfect match for a tutu skirt. Add accessories like necklaces and your style will be seen effortlessly stylish.

2. For a more formal and elegant impression, you can use a top that is the same color as your tulle skirt. Choose a boss with a brocade model which is also beautiful, you know.

Tulle Skirt, The New Fashion Trend You Must

3. This is Popbela’s favorite style. Chic and stylish. There’s only one key black leather jacket.

Tulle Skirt, The New Fashion Trend You Must Try


Come on, try the tips, Bela!

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