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Tri Suaka Becomes JOOX Artist of The Month to Exclusive Songs from GOVINDA

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JOOX chose Tri Suaka as the JOOX Artist of The Month (AoTM) in February to accompany users during the month of love. Not alone, JOOX gave an award to Nabila Maharani as JOOX Artist on The Rise – a form of JOOX appreciation for outstanding newcomer artists. Users can enjoy their work through special playlists, chat together in JOOX Rooms, and see their performances on JOOX Live.

Born in North Sumatra in 1994, Tri Aji Suaka or better known by his stage name Tri Suaka built his career as a singer when he migrated to Jogja in 2014. While continuing his studies, he often sang in various cafes and uploaded video cover songs on video player platforms. famous. His singing ability and distinctive voice eventually captivated music lovers until the song “I’m not his match” went viral with tens of millions of views. Not only has almost 8 million subscribers on the video player platform, Tri Suaka is also one of the top three Indonesian singers whose songs have been played the most on JOOX for the last two months.

“The response from Indonesian music lovers on JOOX to Tri Suaka is getting higher and higher. With her achievements and skills in singing love-themed songs, it is very appropriate to award JOOX Artist of the Month in February to Tri Suaka to cheer up the hearts of JOOX users during this month of love,” said Yuanita Agata, Head of Marketing JOOX Indonesia.

In addition to JOOX Artist of The Month, starting this month, JOOX also awarded JOOX Artist on The Rise (AoTR) to newcomer singers who are starting to get good reception from the public. Through this program, JOOX will also help the artist to be known by more music lovers by taking advantage of interactive features and all JOOX promotional channels. The first JOOX Artist on The Rise was awarded to Nabila Maharani. The singing ability of this beautiful woman from Jogja who was born on February 14, 1999 was initially known through song cover videos until she released her own songs. Nabila Maharani is now in the Top 30 Indonesian singers on JOOX with the number of streams increasing every day.

Special Prizes from JOOX AoTM and AoTR

Get ready to fall in love with the beautiful voice of Tri Asylum which you can hear through the Best of Tri Asylum playlist. Also enjoy the JOOX Original song entitled “Why Must Be Separated” sung by Tri Suaka and Nabila Mahira with a different version, only on JOOX starting today. You can also get to know Tri Suaka and Nabila Maharani by chatting with them at JOOX Rooms on February 15, 2022 at 19:00. Nabila Maharani will also entertain JOOX users and show her beautiful voice at a virtual concert at the end of February 2022 through JOOX Live.

Another Surprise in the Month of Valentines

In addition to offerings from Tri Suaka and Nabila Maharani, you can also enjoy the “Top Love” playlist which will accompany sharing your heart, whether you are in love or brokenhearted. Also express your heart by joining Quick Sing Valentine which certainly offers various prizes. If it’s still not enough, GOVINDA will also release a new song “One Frequency” which can be heard first by JOOX users starting February 16, 2022 and presenting a virtual concert on JOOX Live on February 19 at 19:00. You can enjoy all of these offerings during February, only on JOOX.

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