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Travel Insurance and its Benefits for Travelers

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Benefits and Importance of Travel Insurance for Travelers Filling Vacations

Travel Directory – A travel insurance policy that provides many protection benefits for its users during the holidays.

Vacation or going out of town by visiting some areas and also abroad for the present is not a strange activity anymore in society. Even for some people, this is an activity that has been included in the fixed annual schedule.

Travel Insurance For Holidays

However, for those of us who like to travel, of course, things we don’t want while on vacation also threaten our safety. In fact, it is not uncommon for travelers to think about protecting or providing protection for themselves and their possessions by Travel Insurance before leaving for vacation.

From the information obtained by the Travel Directory about Travel Insurance, which functions to provide protection and guarantees us from all risks while traveling to an area or country we visit.

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Travel Insurance Benefits we can use it for various emergency needs in the places or areas we visit during the holidays, both domestically and abroad, such as illness, accident, loss of things we don’t want during the trip to home.

And for most people who have felt a benefit from insurance, they usually prepare themselves by buying a travel insurance policy before departure. To buy an insurance policy, many types are offered from each insurance company, either through individual insurance agents or online.

For the price of travel insurance policies, it can be seen how far the protection and services of insurance companies that offer their products. Because each insurance product has a different price and we can choose. In general, the benefits of travel insurance that can be felt for us are as follows:

Travel Insurance For self-protection from the risk of accidents
This protection travel insurance policy includes reimbursement, if there is a risk of death, loss of limbs, or total paralysis due to accidents that occur during the trip. Regarding the price of the insurance policy, we can get information from the insurance company agent or through the website of the insurance company that offers it.

Travel Insurance for double protection
This travel insurance policy offers for scheduled Commercial Airplane Accidents to personal accident compensation that can be doubled if the accident occurs while we are on a scheduled commercial aircraft.

Travel Insurance for emergency medical expenses.
This type of emergency medical reimbursement policy is widely used and sought after by travelers who frequently travel. And it is very important for travelers to have an insurance policy that offers emergency medical benefits. because we will never know when something happens during the journey to our body condition.

Travel insurance for repatriation of pilgrims if the risk of an incident occurs
A travel insurance policy that can provide protection for alternative costs of repatriating the body as well as the cost of cremation or burial of the body at the locationi death occurs which we can get from the offer of the cost of insurance premiums that will be offered

Travel Insurance for the care of children and or a bereavement visit to one of the family or relatives.
This travel insurance policy can cover the cost of funeral visits during treatment which can be given to one of the victim’s family or relatives, if the insured is undergoing treatment while traveling or being treated abroad.

Travel Insurance for medical evacuation
This one travel insurance policy offers 24-hour assistance in emergencies around the world. We can get the services offered from insurance companies that offer this type of medical evacuation.

Travel insurance for the protection of baggage and personal belongings
Travel insurance policies also offer to provide protection or protection in the event of a loss caused by loss and damage to our baggagethis protection also includes the items in it as well as the items we use during our vacation trip. If this happens, the insurance company will provide compensation if there is a baggage delay of more than 12 hours.

Travel insurance for transportation delays
Travel insurance policies provide protection with one of the benefits offered is protection against travel delays. Usually this service includes transportation delays of more than 12 hours, as well as reimbursement of advances that are forfeited due to things that are beyond the control of the policyholder and accommodation costs.

Travel insurance for Home Protection
The type of travel insurance policy to provide a home so that we feel comfortable while traveling which provides protection and protection if a fire accident occurs in our homes while traveling. If this happens, the travel insurance company will pay for fire damage to the contents of the insured’s house that was left empty during the holiday.

After we know the benefits of travel insurance, now it’s good for us to also know the right travel insurance product according to our needs while we are traveling on vacation, and the following are the most important points that Indonesian Tourism Directory friends can know before we choose the travel insurance policy product that we will choose. buy.

Before we decide to become a travel insurance customer, it’s a good idea to research and understand in advance what the insurance company will cover while we travel. This is so that it does not overlap with the insurance policies that we already have.

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Based on the experience of several fellow travelers Travel Directory who often travel on vacation, ideally we choose travel insurance according to the length of time we travel. This is because travel insurance will usually only cover the risk when we travel.

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When we are going to buy travel insurance premium with a long and long time, for example valid for one year. Better think again. Because we don’t necessarily travel for a year continuously. Even though it was just a plan, it could change for some reason. but this is returned to each individual.

The thing that must be remembered by us is that travel with high risk usually cannot be protected with travel insurance as usual. and for extreme activities, usually the insurance company will charge additional insurance premiums beyond the cost of travel insurance premiums in general.

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For health insurance protection for the insured, usually every insurance company will not cover pre-existing health conditions. then advice Indonesia Travel Directory To loyal readers who are going to buy time travel insurance, want to fill out an insurance premium application, it’s a good idea to be honest. This relates to the acceptance or rejection of our insurance premium submissions. it is better for us to know that the application for a travel insurance policy is not accepted than at the time of our insurance claim we will be disappointed later because it was rejected.

Travel Insurance Benefits and the importance of us in choosing to buy insurance policy premiums that can protect health during the holidays. The above is an illustration and information that can be a reference for loyal readers of the Travel Directory in choosing and selecting products from Travel Insurance companies that we can choose. Hopefully our vacation trip with family can be more comfortable.[]

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