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Tourism in Cimahi Waterfall, Bandung

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Spend Vacation Time in the Natural Tourism Area of ​​Curug Cimahi, West Bandung

Tourism Directory – Bandung’s geographical location, which is surrounded by mountains and pristine forests, makes Curug Cimahi a beautiful natural tourist attraction.

For as a community, weekend holidays are a moment that we and our families have been waiting for, weekends and long holidays are the right time to visit Bandung’s natural attractions which are in great demand by tourists for vacation.

Curug Cimhi West Bandung

Bandung is still one of the prima donna tourist attractions to fill the holidays, besides the place is not too far from the city of Jakarta and can be reached with a day’s vacation, then this Bandung tourist spot is one of the right places to spend vacation time.

After going through the tour route around Bandung from the city center, our vacation trip continued to the most popular Bandung tourist spot and again on the rise, namely the Curug Pelangi tourist attraction. Arriving at the Tourism Directory with colleagues in the area where this natural tourist destination is located in Bandung.

We immediately entered the location area by buying an entrance ticket of Rp. 17.000,- / person. We heard the faint sound of the waterfall splashing water which seemed to make us seduce us to get closer to the location.

Information obtained by the Tourism Directory at the location, it is said that the waterfall or waterfall located in this natural tourist area is the highest waterfall in West Bandung district.

The name Curug Pelangi comes from the name Curug Cimahi which comes from the name of the river that flows at its bottom, namely the Cimahi River which originates at Situ Lembang, which flows into Cimahi City. For Cimahi seniri in Sundanese which means enough water.

Bandung Cimahi Waterfall Tour

Entering the protected forest area which is part of Bandung’s natural attractions, we will be greeted with natural scenery that is still beautiful and very beautiful.

The cool air combined with the waterfall, makes this place special to be used as a reference for one of the natural tourist destinations that is suitable for filling a vacation in Bandung.

On the way to the waterfall, we will find a view deck which is a facility offered by the manager of this tourist attraction.

In this area we can sit or take pictures to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We can capture beautiful photos while learning how to hunt photos by adding to our holiday photo collection.

Bandung Cimahi Waterfall Tour

To get to the location of the waterfall area, we have to go down the stairs which are not small in number. With the downhill road which is quite steep and winding, we have to descend hundreds of stairs which are neatly arranged with safety rails for handrails.

At this location, we can also find several resting places for visitors who want to take a break after going through the descent or climbing route through the stairs.

Along the way we can see beautiful scenery and we can hear the rush of waterfalls from a distance, besides that we can also find residents of this tourist area, namely several tame monkeys that often roam the trunks and branches of trees. The cool air and shady trees make the trip more comfortable.

After descending hundreds of stairs to arrive at the location, we can feel the freshness of water splashes from Curug Cimahi. We can enjoy this vacation in Bandung with an open mind away from all problems such as traffic jams, air pollution and the density of all daily activities and we can be very comfortable.

Cimahi Rainbow Waterfall, Bandung

This Cimahi waterfall tourist area can not only be enjoyed in the afternoon, but at night we can enjoy the beauty of this waterfall. If during the day we are spoiled by the view of the waterfall and the beauty of its natural panorama, then in the late afternoon we can see the waterfall in this location bathed in light.

The beautiful scenery with the cool natural atmosphere of the beautiful natural mountains makes this waterfall area one of the most popular Bandung tourism objects that are in great demand by visitors to spend vacation time in Bandung.

Information received by the Tourism Directory, the light comes from a lamp mounted on the back wall of the waterfall, the lamp is designed as beautiful as possible so that it can produce rainbow colors. That’s why Curug Cimahi is also known as Curug Pelangi.

This time, we chose Curug Cimahi as a natural tourist destination to relieve fatigue from all kinds of busyness in our daily activities. If you want to visit the natural tourist destination of Bandung, you can use a motorbike or car directly to Jl. Colonel Masturi No. 325, Cisarua, West Bandung. Let’s fill your vacation in Bandung with other tourist destinations.[]

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