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Tour Guide Function for Travelers

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A tour guide or commonly referred to as a tour guide or tour guide is a person who accompanies and guides and provides information to tourists who are conducting their tourism activities. He is like a compass that directs us when we travel to a place. Want to know about tour guides and their functions? Read the explanation, yes.

Functions of the Tour Guide

Tour guides have several functions, including:

  • Accompany during the tour;
  • Protect and guarantee the safety of tourists;
  • Service providers, such as travel agents or other tour operators;
  • Provide the best possible explanation and explanation of a tourist attraction.

Types of Tour Guides

  1. General guide (general guide)

Is a tour guide who has general knowledge about a tourist place. Have permission to guide using one or several specific languages ​​used to provide information to individual tourists and groups.

  1. Special guide (special guide)

Is a tour guide who has special knowledge and knows clearly about a place or tourist attraction. He can explain in more detail. Have permission to guide using one or several specific languages ​​used to provide information to tourists, either individually or in groups.

  1. Tour guide who also drives (guide driver)

Is a tour guide who can guide the journey and provide general information or information. He also doubles as a driver, such as a bus or taxi driver.

  1. Tour conductor

Is a senior tour guide, has a tour guide sign and can lead and provide information and guidance to groups of tourists who are traveling to an object or even several tourist locations.

Tour Guide Tasks

  1. Provide explanations, information, and explanations to tourists about all that attracts their attention;
  2. Tour guides act as guardians of tourists, maintain their safety, and prevent tourists from all situations that might cause them harm;
  3. If the tour guide takes actions that deviate from the standards given by travel agents or other tour operators, the tour guide must be responsible;
  4. Provide assistance to tourists who are guided when experiencing difficulties or when requested.

About Guide

Guiding or commonly referred to as guiding is an activity where someone must provide services to tourists who want to visit or enjoy the beauty of a tourist attraction. There are several important things to consider before scouting, namely:

  • Good self-preparation;
  • Embrace the sense that as guides, we are not alone;
  • Apply that listeners/tourists are friends/friends;
  • Eliminate tension;
  • Try to work as much as possible;
  • Pursue the best performance;
  • Remember that tomorrow is still there.

The concept that we need to pay attention to when being a speaker is being able to liven up the atmosphere, be interesting in speaking and appear enthusiastic and eager to provide information.

Some speaker mistakes to avoid are:

  • Excessive use of words (e.g. long and repeated “er”);
  • Always open with an apology;
  • Excessive anxiety and worry;
  • Using a language that tourists do not understand (such as their own local language);
  • Loss of contact with listeners.

Actions in welcoming guests/tourists:

  • Start with greetings;
  • Introduce myself;
  • Inform what can be done, seen, and others;
  • Give warnings and directions to tourists (must stay among tourists).

Preparing to Pick Up Tourists

  • Write the name of the tourist being picked up on a large piece of paper or cardboard so that it is easy to see;
  • Prepare the vehicle and make sure everything is in good condition;
  • Contact the inn or hotel that tourists want to stay and make sure the lodging facilities are in good and satisfactory condition;
  • Check the estimated arrival time of tourists;
  • Document preparation in the form of: a list of tourists’ names, tour packages, tour guide IDs and tourist IDs.

When we want to pick up tourists, there are several things we need to know in carrying it out:

  1. Check again the arrival time preparation;
  2. The tour guide waits for tourists in the waiting room complete with identification;
  3. When tourists arrive, immediately introduce yourself and all the partners involved;
  4. Escort tourists to vehicles/buses and check their names;
  5. Travel to the hotel;
  6. While on the trip, the tour guide must explain about the route of travel, about the city and its facilities, regarding tourist tour packages, the state of the hotel or inn complete with the facilities provided;
  7. Arriving at the hotel/inn, accompany tourists to the waiting room;
  8. Give vouchers to the inn;
  9. Bring a rooming list/list of room occupants;
  10. welcome drink;
  11. Provide information regarding tourism activities to be carried out;
  12. Invite tourists to their respective rooms to rest;

Sometimes as a tour guide, we will face complaints made by the guests/tourists we guide. Here’s how to deal with the complaint.

  • Receive complaints properly and try to understand complaints raised by guests;
  • Good self-control;
  • Listen carefully and give a good explanation/response of the complaint;
  • Complaint analysis;
  • Find a way to deal with it immediately;
  • Keep smiling, friendly, and enthusiastic to help;
  • Record these complaints so they don’t happen again in the future.

Security of tourists can be done by taking care of several things:

  • State security;
  • Public order;
  • The tourists themselves;
  • Tourist property and objects;
  • Tourist area.

Preparing to Take Travelers Home

  1. Check the estimated departure time;
  2. Preparation of documents such as: tickets, guide reports, pax name lists, statements, and so on;
  3. Souvenirs or souvenirs;
  4. Transportation;
  5. Prepare baggage tags.

When we want to take tourists, there are several things we must know in carrying out, namely:

  • 2 hours before departure must be at the hotel;
  • Tourist administration checks at the reception;
  • Check the preparation of tourists with the context of the tour leader;
  • Check the name of the traveler followed by the installation of the baggage tag (baggage tag)
  • Accompanying tourists to board the vehicle/bus.
  • Inform this when traveling, thank you for your trust and cooperation, follow-up packages, hope to return to visit, give a questionnaire list and collect it again when the tourists have finished filling it out.

Preparation after arriving at the airport, namely:

  • Welcoming guests to check-in;
  • Assist with check-in;
  • Give the ticket to the tour leader;
  • Invite guests to go to the waiting room;
  • Farewell;
  • Carry out the task of making a guide report.

Tour Guide Behavior in Guiding

  1. Dress neatly and cleanly;
  2. Calm Attitude;
  3. Have a sense of humor;
  4. Do not vilify other countries/customs of other countries;
  5. There is no difference in service between tourists with one another;
  6. Polite and considerate in answering any questions asked;
  7. Honest in giving explanations;
  8. Be careful with topics related to payments by tourists;
  9. Don’t take matters personally;
  10. Work with full responsibility and sincerity;
  11. Enthusiastic and full of smiles.
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