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Tom Hanks Iconic Ball in Cast Away Film Successfully Auctioned Rp4 Billion

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PeekCeleb – Tom Hanks is a legendary actor whose name is getting more and more famous after playing in a very inspiring film, Forrest Gump. Played in a number of box office films, Tom Hanks is also known for his iconic role in the film Cast Away. Where the film tells the story of a person who is stranded on an island and finds a volleyball.

Now, the volleyball is being auctioned at a fantastic price. Want to know what Tom Hanks’ volleyball auction was like? Let’s just read the review below with IntipSeleb.

Auctioned for Billions


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The sphere, which Wilson is named after in the film, has a face-shaped image on its surface. The image comes from the idea of ​​Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks’ role in Cast Away) which draws the plain volleyball.

The idea came to Chuck Noland to have friends to chat with on the island. iconic ball Cast Away at auction by the Prop Store. Where the initial figure was at 80,000 US Dollars, which if converted to Rp. 1 billion.

However, it turned out that because the ball is a legendary and iconic item, Wilson was sold at a price of 308,000 US Dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 4 billion.

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