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Tips on how to prevent flu when flying on an airplane

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Easy and Safe Ways To Prevent Flu During Flight

Travel Directory – Tips for healthy travel by airplane to prevent flu during flight.

In today’s era, the use of airplanes is no longer an exclusive class of transportation, but the use of aviation transportation can now be enjoyed by anyone with a low cost to the cost of the middle class and above.


Those of us who are going to travel by plane may feel a change in unwell. This is because of the food and drinks we consume before traveling by flight or even because of the nervous condition we are about to face traveling by plane. For example, our bodies are suddenly attacked by cold and flu conditions.

If this happens when we are going on a vacation trip by plane, friends and loyal readers of the Travel Directory need not worry. At first, the average person has experienced something like this.

Information from the results of research in The Journal of Environmental Health Research states that flu transmission on airplanes can reach 100 times compared to on land. And the flu transmission is caused by the low humidity in the air in the aircraft cabin so that our body’s defense system does not run optimally.

However, all of these incidents can be overcome by preventing the flu during flights on planes, which the Tourism Directory has quoted and will share with loyal readers of the Indonesian Tourism Directory. Here are tips on how to prevent it.

Tips on how to easily prevent flu when flying on an airplane

How to prevent the flu on a flight by drinking water
Water does not only provide a dehydrating effect during the trip when we use air transportation. By consuming water, it turns out that we will receive more benefits as well as we can overcome headaches, stomachaches and cramps. In addition, water can also increase immunity and also prevent the flu virus from entering, either through the nose or throat. And most importantly it will protect our bodies from the humid air in the plane during flight.

Airplane Travel Tips

How to prevent the flu on a flight by always keeping your hands clean
We must always keep our hands clean. Before we board the plane, try to wash our hands and always carry antiseptic medicine for our hands. So that hands can be avoided and always clean from germs. One source of the spread of the flu virus during flights on airplanes is due to the cold in the cabin and germs that are around the aircraft such as in the seat or seat of the aircraft can be transmitted to the body when the body condition is dropping.

How to prevent the flu on a flight by keeping your teeth and mouth healthy
Dental and oral health kits can use mouthwash that can kill germs, this is so that the trip when we use airplane flights is kept clean. and can increase our defense from germs while helping to keep the throat moist and not dry.

How to prevent the flu on a flight by taking vitamins
It’s good before we leave for the airport after breakfast we can consume vitamin B and vitamin C which can maintain our body’s immunity from flu virus attacks. Because the content of vitamin C in citrus fruits can keep the body’s immune system stronger. This will be able to avoid our bodies easily from germs attack.

How to prevent the flu on a flight by using a nose mask
For those of us who are worried about catching a cold while traveling during a flight, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a mask when the flight takes place. This is because the air in the airplane cabin can be a place for the flu virus to nest. Masks can prevent ourselves from being protected from the spread of the virus while in the airplane cabin during flights.

From the family travel tips mentioned above, hopefully it can help friends and loyal readers of the Wiata Directory to provide solutions by preventing the flu when flying on an airplane. And we can always make our flight journey with family or other colleagues safe and comfortable to run it in a healthy condition. Happy holiday. []

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