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Tips: Get to know more about Profile Features on Netflix

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With so much great content on Netflix, there are ways to make it easier for you to enjoy the variety of shows on the platform. Especially for those of you who share accounts, creating a private profile will make it easier for you to find your favorite shows. Check out the following guide:

1. Create your profile

  • If you want to secure your watch list from family members or don’t want your recommendations to mix with other recommendations, click “Manage Profile” then “Add Profile”.
  • Add a name (each profile should have a different name) and add a profile photo for a personal touch. For each account, you can create up to five profiles.
  • When you create a profile for the first time, you will be asked to select a number of movies and series that you like. Don’t skip this step because your answers will help Netflix to recommend shows according to your preferences.
  • Netflix will automatically provide viewing recommendations that are emailed to the main user or account creator. However, each profile can get recommended impressions via their respective emails as long as the profile has the “All Age Rating” setting. Click Account, select “My Profile” then click “Add Profile Email”.

2. Add impressions in “My List”

You can immediately create a profile according to your taste by adding the movies and series you want to watch into the “My List” option. With this feature, you can create personal lists and save various shows to watch. Select the series or movie you want, then select “Add to My List” or click “+My List”. If you are using a computer, hover over the title of the movie/series and click the “+” symbol at the top right corner. In your account, the “My List” option will appear as a separate line. For a quick look, you can also visit if you’re using a computer.

3. Create a child profile

When creating a profile, you can see a “Kids” option. This simple feature is useful for parents to create profiles for each child and can automatically recommend appropriate shows for children. This area will be the main page for children to access Netflix. Once you’re logged in, you’ll notice that the kids profile has a white color and different viewing options than the dark adult profile.

4. Adjust the rating level for each profile

If there are children in the house, both toddlers and teens, it’s only natural that you want to filter what they have access to on Netflix. If you have already created profiles for your child, the next step is to adjust the age limit for each profile. Select an account, click “Profile” then “Stream Restrictions”. You can set an age limit for each profile and Netflix will automatically filter out non-compliant shows. Films or series that are not appropriate for the stated age will not be available. From “Stream Restrictions”, you can filter out specific titles by entering them in the “Title Restrictions” list. We believe that you know what is best for the family.

5. Set profile lock

Even if you’ve created a profile for your kids with age-appropriate content, you may still be concerned that they might use your profile and access inappropriate content. To avoid this, you can set a 4-digit PIN for each profile in your account. Click “Change” under “Profile Lock”, select “Require PIN” and set 4 digits as your PIN. On your profile page, you can now see that your profile has a lock symbol. Anyone who tries to access it will be asked to enter a PIN.

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