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Tips and Info on the Enchantment of Natuna Island Nature Tourism

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Enjoying the Beauty of Exotic Natuna Island Tour

Travel Directorya – A beautiful and beautiful island with a variety of Natuna tourist information which can be a choice of tourist destinations while on vacation on Natuna Island.

Natuna Island is an island that is in one of the ranks of the Indonesian archipelago which has a variety of natural tourist destinations that are tourist attractions in beautiful Natuna. And its location is at the northern end of the Karimata Strait, because of its location which is also in the South China Sea, making this island close to the borders of several countries. Where to the north of Natuna Island is directly adjacent to Vietnam and Cambodia, and to the west of the island is bordered by Singapore, Malaysia and Sumatra Island.

The Enchantment of Natuna Island Tourism

Natuna Island with low and sloping land surrounded by beaches with various types of sand. This archipelago has hilly and rocky land. It is not surprising that when we vacation or visit Natuna Island, we find many stone blocks as high as 2 to 3 meters.

It is said that the information that the Indonesian Tourism Directory received, the charm of the beauty of the rocks according to historical records, all the rocks in this location come from the megalithic era. However, the presence of these rocks has now diminished and only a few remain. This is because many residents destroy the existing stones and use them as materials to make buildings.

Tanjung Daru Beach, Natuna Islands

When we take a vacation on the big Natuna Island or what is known as the pearl island at the north end or also known as Bunguran. Pullau Natuna beach natural attractions which are a mainstay destination that is quite popular on this island, one of which is Tanjung Datu Beach.

From the tourist information on Tanjung Datu Beach which was obtained by the Tourism Directory, this beach has different characteristics from most beaches in the Natuna area. Although the sea sand is similar and white in color, most of the beach surface is dominated by hills and rocks of various kinds and natural patterns. .

After being satisfied around the tourist attractions of Tanjung Datu Beach in the Natuna Islands, then we along with other Travel Directory colleagues followed the directions for Natuna Island tourist information given to us from local tour guides who accompanied our trip while on vacation on Natuna Island.

Carry on…….
Our tour of Natuna Island has shifted to the Sengiap Natuna Beach tourist attraction, also known as the Whispering Sand Beach. A beach with a name that reminds us of traveling in the Bromo mountain area. Called the Whispering Sand Beach, this is because every step we take on the sand of this beach there will be a sound. Fun right?…..

The next tourist attraction on Natuna Island is Taman Batu Alif or which has the nickname Alif Stone Park. To get to this Batu Alif Park tourist attraction, we only need +/- 3 km from the center of Natuna City. The location of the Batu Alif Natuna Park is located right on the beach in Sepempeng Village, East Bunguran District.

Natuna Island Tourism Info

Alif Stone Park is one of Natuna’s leading tourist attractions that combines elements of sandy beaches and clear water with a stretch of giant megalith rock. Among the giant stones, there is one stone that has white stripes and is located the highest above the other stones resembling the Alif letter, so this park is called the Alif Stone Garden.

In the Alif Stone Park complex, we can find a bridge that connects one stone to another. Megalith rocks with various shapes stand firmly and some are even giant in size and lean against each other so that they form a kind of tunnel. At first glance, it almost resembles a cave. Meanwhile, on the lower side, which protrudes into the beach, the medium-sized rocks that lie meet almost all of the cracks in the beach surface.

The Enchantment of Natuna Tourism

At this location, we can see the scenery before dusk, amazing moments when the sun returns to the pool. Because of its beauty and beauty, it is not surprising that many tourists who visit this tourist spot capture it with a camera.

On the other hand, on the Natuna Islands, we can find a religious tourism object that has become a symbol or icon of the Ranai community, namely the Aung Mosque in Ranai City. It is said that from the information the Tourism Directory received, this mosque was built in 2007 and inaugurated in 2009.

Ornaments of the Great Mosque of Natuna architectural style takes inspiration from the Qur’an, this is because the Qur’an is the source of all laws. The dome of the mosque resembles the dome of the Taj Mahal in India and is the largest, grandest mosque in the Riau Archipelago Province.

Natuna Grand Mosque

The Natuna Mosque has a very spacious inner space. One row of rows in this mosque can accommodate up to 180 worshipers. The center is illuminated by natural light that comes from the dome of the mosque. The two main doors located on the left and right sides of the building facing the Qibla also direct the nuances of the space to be focused on the source of Divine light.

While the background of the mihrab of the Great Mosque of Natuna is made of wood with a fairly large shape. The geometry is also formed from curves or arcs with a taper meeting in the middle or the top. With the mihrab background, it is designed with a labyrinth of sharp arcs that looks beautiful and beautiful.

One tourist info on Natuna Island that is no less interesting that we can visit while on vacation in Natuna is the Batu Sindu tourist attraction. This tourist spot has an amazing view of the eye, where the combination of giant megalithic rocks is amazing, historic caves, and the exoticism of the sea around the stunning sea. The location is in Tanjung Senubing which is located in the East Bunguran District and not far from Batu Alif Park.

To walk along the hill that leads us to reach Batu Sindu Tanjung Lesung is very easy, because the road to the peak is paved and can be passed by four-wheeled vehicles, although not too wide. For the distance the travel time is not too long and only a few minutes.

From these tourist spots in Batu Sindu, we can see various forms of the charm of Natuna’s natural tourism with large boulders from a number of points, which if we look on the right and left are lush with head trees and forest trees. In addition, we can also see the beautiful view of the vast blue ocean that is graded green tosca which describes the beautiful tourist attractions on Natuna Island.

Tips for taking a vacation trip to Pulau Natuna are very easy. We can use direct air or sea flights from Jakarta and Pekanbaru, Batam and Bintan which have international flights and shipping. And for lodging facilities, it will be easy for us to get lodging that can be adjusted to our budget and needs in the city of Natuna.

If we are from Jakarta, we can use a flight to go to Natuna Island with a transit flight first to Hang Nadim International Airport Batam then the journey continues with a flight to Natuna Island which if the total travel time we will take is +/- 3 – 4 hours. Hopefully these tips and travel info for a vacation on Natuna Island can provide benefits for friends and loyal readers of the Tourism Directory.

Tips and Info on the Enchantment of Natuna Island Nature Tourism mentioned above are some of the most popular tourist attractions among tourists who are visited by many. If we are on vacation to Natuna Island, we should prepare enough time because our vacation will be more memorable by enjoying the places and charms of other Natuna tours with our family and loved ones. Happy holidays on Natuna Island.[]

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