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Tips and Info on Nature and Heritage of Pacitan Tabuhan Caves

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Enchantment of Nature and Heritage Tourism in Tabuhan Cave, Pacitan, East Java

Tourism Directory – Tips and information on heritage tourism of Pacitan as a small city that presents the natural exoticism of the enchanting Tabuhan Cave.

The natural tourism object of Tabuhan Cave in Pacitan presents natural beauty with beautiful cave ornaments with a touch of culture and history that blends in the mix of exotic local wisdom of the people. Compared to natural attractions that have other caves with similar characteristics and characteristics, this Tabuhan Cave can be said to be the same, namely the chemical reaction in the presence of rainwater and lime minerals that drip for thousands of years and even millions of years to become stalactites or talagmites that look so beautiful.

Pacitan Tabuhan Cave Tour

It is said that according to the information obtained by the Tourism Directory, according to historical records, the natural tourist spot of Pacitan, Tabuhan Cave, which is located on a limestone cliff, was first discovered in 1923 with a cave lip width of 40 meters and was once the residence of prehistoric humans who lived for a dozen years. And according to the history of the community around the cave, formerly the Tabuhan Pacitan Cave was called Tapan or as a place of meditation for those who would harmonize themselves with nature to seek inspiration or guidance.

Since the Wedana Pulung era in 1936 this cave was popularized as Tabuhan Cave. And managed by the government since 1977. Meanwhile, the total length of the cave from the outside to the inside is estimated to be +/- 100 meters. Meanwhile, the naming of this cave as Tabuhan Cave is because some of the stalagmite rocks in the cave can be beaten or beaten by making sounds that can synergize with musical instruments.

Visiting natural attractions Pacitan wasp cave this we will feel the sensation of a different adventure. Where when entering the mouth of the cave we will feel the deeper the narrower the room in the cave. Those of us who are going to enter this cave must be careful and bend down a little so that our heads don’t hit the top wall of the cave, because the stalactites and stalagmites in the cave are very tight and the road conditions are a little slippery.

However, after we reach the end of Tabuhan Cave we will find a small room, although small but this room can make us stand up straight normally to do free movement while relieving aches in the neck and waist muscles and wrists in our body.

Pacitan Tabuhan Cave Tapa Place

The tourist information of Tabuhan Pacitan Cave that the Tourism Directory received from a local tour guide, a small room at the end of the cave is said to have once been used as a place to imprison Sentot Prawirodirjo who was a hero during the Diponegoro war. Formerly this cave as a hiding place for him from the pursuit of the Dutch Colonial army. It is said that the information we received, he performed penance in the cave room for 40 days and 40 nights.

Carry on……
For the belief of the people in the area around the Tabuhan Cave natural tourism object. The cave was not only a place for Sentot Prawirodirjo to be imprisoned. But it is also the residence of Joko Lelono, a prince whose life was spent wandering until he forgot his name and origins.

On the other side of the room there are still Pacitan Tabuhan Caves, we will find several inscriptions as a sign that this cave has also been visited by several state officials both from Indonesia which was carried out by President Soekarno and also President Suharto at that time, and who did not miss here we can also see and find an inscription that reads “King and Queen of Siam”.

If we hear and see for ourselves the historical traces etched on Pacitan’s natural attractions contained in Tabuhan Cave which can expand our knowledge horizon, it is not surprising that this Goa tourism object in Pacitan has become one of the Pacitan heritage tourist attractions that have natural views. which is beautiful wrapped in sni and local wisdom from the Pacitan people.

For friends and loyal readers of the Tourism Directory who will see traditional music performances complete with singers and musical accompaniment players in Gaa Tabuhan Pacitan, we can watch art and traditional performances typical of Goa Pacitan by paying Rp. 150.000,- with 6 beautiful traditional music accompaniment songs.

Pacitan wasp cave

In this traditional musical performance in Tabuhan Cave, we can see cave artists playing their musical instruments with the beat of the music accompaniment from the cave walls. The cave artists consist of two singers, one drummer, and several artists whose job is to beat the cave stalactites. The sound of his voice is combined with the strains of gamelan music. And this is one of the attractions of Tabuhan Cave which always captivates the hearts of tourists who visit this Pacitan natural tourist attraction.

Broadly speaking, this Goa Tabuhan verse tells about the beauty of a natural cave in Pacitan City. Although in the form of a stone cave, the interesting thing for tourists who visit this cave tourist attraction can see directly the results of the sound of music generated from the walls of the cave. At the musical art performance in this cave, we can witness an aesthetic of melodious sounds to accompany the strains of various songs.

After being satisfied and walking around while enjoying natural and heritage attractions in Pacitan Tabuhan Cave, we can also enjoy various kinds of Pacitan snacks and dishes that are easily available on site. Even for those of us who will buy souvenirs typical of Pacitan City around this tourist attraction, there are also many stalls selling various souvenirs provided by the tourism object managers.

Travel tips and information for Pacitan Tabuhan Cave for those of us who are going on vacation in Pacitan City that must be considered for all of us, if we are going to go on an adventure in this cave, we should wear polite clothes, made from clothes that easily absorb sweat, and at least follow the directions and instructions. from the local tour guide officers on duty at the cave tourist attractions, such as using a flashlight when going into the cave.

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The most important thing in taking a vacation at this natural cave Pacitan tourist spot is that we should always maintain the ethics and norms as well as the cleanliness of the local environment. Bring an empty plastic bag as a proper personal garbage collection that we can temporarily collect before meeting the trash can.

Because the Tabuhan Pacitan Cave has historical stories and stories for the struggle of the Indonesian people, at least don’t leave graffiti on the cave walls. We will always maintain the behavior and norms that respect each other. However, this natural tourist spot was once used as a ritual place for those who were alone or imprisoned to harmonize with nature.

Information on the price of entrance tickets to the Tabuhan Pacitan Cave tourist attraction is divided into two groups for children, the entrance ticket price is Rp. 3,000, – / person while for adults Rp. 5.000,- / person. These prices are for weekdays. As for the ticket price for Sundays and National Holidays, the entrance ticket price for children is Rp. 5.000, – / person and for the ticket price for adults Rp. 7,000,- / person. Meanwhile, the ticket price for foreign tourists is Rp. 10,000,- / person. As additional information, ticket prices can bear fruit at any time according to the policy of the manager of the Pacitan Tabuhan Cave tourist attraction.

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The way to Goa Tabuhan Pacitan is very easy, because its location is in Tabuhan Hamlet, Wereng Village, Punung District, Pacitan Regency, East Java, and can be reached by land from the center of Pacitan City which is +/- 40 km. Meanwhile, for those of us who are outside Java Island who will go to the location, we can use the air access route by plane to Adisumarmo Airport Solo, after that proceed by road trip to the natural tourist attractions of Tabuhan Cave, Pacitan. For more details, see the map below.

Behind the charm of beauty contained in Natural attractions and heritage of Pacitan Tabuhan Cave we can witness firsthand that nature sometimes has unique and interesting phenomena. When we capture this unique phenomenon and are able to create a creation, we will see an enchanting result, as we can find in the natural attractions of Tabuhan Cave in Pacitan which is a small town that serves a variety of destinations. Pacitan travel interesting to visit. Happy holidays in Pacitan.[]

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