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Tinc Batch 7 Announces 5 Startups Ready to Collaborate with Telkomsel

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The Telkomsel Innovation Center (Tinc) Batch 7 program which has been running since December 2021 has now found the five best startups that have gone through various stages of rigorous selection. The five startups that passed this selection were Askara Daulat Desa, Fammi, Machine Vision, Tujju, and Tumbasin.

Thus, the five startups had the opportunity to advance to the final selection stage before accelerating with Tinc and Telkomsel. It is hoped that the five of them can be optimized to present digital solutions that are more impactful, as well as support the growth of Indonesia’s digital economy.

As explained by Mahmud Saladin, VPresident Strategic & Explorative Partnership of Telkomsel, that Tinc is a form of Telkomsel’s commitment as a digital ecosystem enabler that continues to strive to strengthen the national digital ecosystem in an inclusive and sustainable manner by providing a forum for local startups.

“Tinc is very selective in determining startups that will collaborate with Telkomsel to strengthen the empowerment of measurable innovations made by the nation’s children, especially those that have the potential to develop digital solutions that can increase the advantages of Telkomsel’s products and services,” said Mahmud.

Previously, during October-December 2021, there were 129 startups that registered to take part in the Tinc Batch 7 program. To get to the final stage, hundreds of startups had to go through a rigorous selection process, of which 50 startups made it through to the video pitch screening stage.

Then, the remaining 21 startups that passed to the interview & demo stage, then 9 startups were selected that passed the pitchday stage. Until, finally, 5 startups were selected that passed the selection to the onboarding stage which had the opportunity to collaborate with Telkomsel.

All startups that registered for Tinc batch 7 are engaged in Education (12 startups), Agriculture (7 startups), Software as a service/SaaS (8 startups), Smart City & Environment (6 startups), Logistics & Transportation (7 startups). ), Healthcare (4 startups), Finance (3 startups), and Media & Certification (3 startups).

To be selected as Tinc participants, dozens of these startups must go through a rigorous selection stage which includes video pitch screening, interviews and demos, as well as pitching day. After being selected, the five startups had the opportunity to undergo the innovation development process through various Tinc programs that lasted for 5 months.

These programs include startup diagnostics, collaboration in the Telkomsel digital ecosystem, investor network, mentorship, bootcamp & workshop, demo day, and the potential to get funding. Mahmud added that dozens of startups that had passed the first stage of selection were confirmed to meet the criteria.

The criteria previously determined by Tinc Batch 7 were to engage in Agritech, Healthcare, Education, Leisure Economy, Logistics & Supply Chain, and Gaming by utilizing 5G network technology, Software as a service (SaaS)/Platform as a Service (PaaS), Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Askara Daulat Desa, Fammi, Machine Vision, Tujju, and Tumbasin have proven to be able to develop digital innovations as solutions that are more impactful in meeting the needs of the community and sectors across industrial sectors.

Interestingly, in this 7th batch, Tinc has also collaborated with many well-known technology companies in the world, such as Google Cloud, Meta, AWS, and Xendit. They are strategic partners who are expected to support the development of startups participating in the Tinc program.

“Tinc as a corporate accelerator program from Telkomsel will continue to move forward to assist and accelerate local innovators to create more digital solutions that are effective and have positive social impacts for the community,” concluded Mahmud.

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