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TikTok Launches Digital Literacy Center, Comes Inside the App

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In celebration of World Safer Internet Day which falls this February, TikTok, the leading destination for short videos, announced the launch of its “Digital Literacy Center” which is available in its in-app development.

The launch of the new Digital Literacy Center is in line with TikTok’s commitment to creating a safe digital environment for users. Along with the launch of the Digital Literacy Center, TikTok collaborated with the Semai Jiwa Amini Foundation, also known as the SEJIWA Foundation.

“TikTok is committed to creating a secure digital space to protect users from authentically expressing themselves. Therefore, we are working to strengthen our security system to support the creation of a safe creative experience,” said Faris Mufid, Public Policy and Government Relations, TikTok Indonesia.

Faris added, through this new Digital Literacy Center, TikTok has developed an existing approach to suit the needs and challenges experienced by users in Indonesia, for example regarding dangerous challenges or cyberbullying.

“We also continue to strive to provide digital welfare resources for local communities to ensure that users are equipped with sufficient information to face the ever-evolving digital landscape,” added Faris.

This Digital Literacy Center serves as a one-stop portal containing all of TikTok’s educational initiatives around mental health, cyber health, user safety, potentially dangerous challenges and other digital literacy related topics.

This center will also present various interesting tips about digital literacy, ranging from videos, quizzes, and scenario-based educational content. The resources provided are designed to empower users to more intelligently respond to outstanding online content before engaging.

This resource also wants to provide users with the means to identify and report inappropriate content if they encounter similar content on TikTok. As part of the launch of the Digital Literacy Center, TikTok and SEJIWA held a livestream session on TikTok LIVE on February 24 on SEJIWA’s official account.

Raising the topic “Efforts to Prevent Actions against Dangerous Challenges on Digital Platforms”, this livestream session was attended by a number of speakers, including Faris Mufid as Public Policy and Government Relations, TikTok Indonesia, Diena Haryana as Founder of SEJIWA Foundation, and creator of TikTok for education, Eva Fatma.

To help communicate about dangerous challenges to the wider community, SEJIWA, together with a number of TikTok creators such as Femia, Salwa, and Rizal also presented content around a four-step process titled “Stop-Think-Decide-Act” through their respective TikTok accounts.

A similar collaboration was also carried out by TikTok in early February with creators such as @baldtwins, @syarif.yosee, and @vitosinagaprank as part of TikTok’s ongoing efforts around the world to raise user awareness to continue sharing positive content and creating a healthy digital environment.

This collection of content can be accessed by TikTok users via the hashtags #thinkbe4youdo and #SaferTogether and is available at the Digital Literacy Center. Starting today, you can access all of that content via the ‘Discover’ tab on the TikTok platform.

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