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Tibumana Waterfall and Stories of Unseen Baths on the Island of the Gods

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Vacation Directory – The waterfall on the Island of the Gods has not been explored by many travelers for a long time. Even though its allure is not inferior to the blue of the beach, you know, such as Tibumana Waterfall in the Bangli location.

Tibumana Waterfall and Stories of Unseen Baths on the Island of the Gods

The view of the blue water here makes tourists want to explore it and feel the cool rush of the water that falls.

In addition, tourists can also swim around the waterfall area to make the body healthier.

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However, right under a waterfall where the water has a deep blue color, tourists are not allowed to swim here because the location is so deep.

In addition, local residents believe that the water was also used as a bathing place for Niskala (unseen realms), so tourists are told to respect the existing regulations.

The beauty of the Tibumana waterfall is also still very virgin because access to the bottom of the waterfall has just been made and is not as beautiful as the usual holiday.

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Where the steps are still made of bamboo wood, you must be careful when tracing the path to the bottom.

In addition, in several locations around Tibumana Waterfall, landslides have recently been hit, so you must be very careful for safety.

The trajectory to the bottom of the waterfall also takes an effort of about 15-30 minutes to track the path for the steps of the stairs.

Besides the waterfall, behind the rock walls of the waterfall, tourists can see the smallest and darkest cave.

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Until now the cave has not been touched by anyone because it is dark and very narrow, but local people believe that the cave is a fast way to the Raja Caves in Besakih Temple.

Such is the rumor of the story as well as the beauty of the waterfall that calms your soul and memory. It is not strange that the Tribumana waterfall is one of the greatest natural virgins in the province of Bali.()

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