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Through the MasakYuk web series, we will introduce Gochujang

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Korean Culture Center Indonesia (KCCI) has a cultural mission to spread Korean culture widely to the Indonesian people.

This time KCCI collaborated with CJ Indonesia to introduce Korean-style cooking culture by launching the web series program “Cook Yuk! With Halal Gochujang” on Thursday (30/9) at CGV Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta.

This authentic Gochujang pasta made in Korea has also received a halal certificate from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) so that the mission of introducing Korean culture through food will be more easily accepted by the Indonesian people.

The launching of the web series program was attended by Kim Yong-woon as Director of KCCI and Shin Hee Sung as President Director of CJ Indonesia as well as several well-known Social Media Influencers who are members of the web series program “Cook Yuk! With Halal Gochujang”.

In his speech, Kim Yong-woon said that the existence of this web series could be an informational as well as educational channel for the Indonesian people to further introduce Korean-style cooking culture using Gochujang as the main raw material.

“Korea’s traditional cooking culture that is still maintained today is reflected in
Gochujang where this chili paste is fermented into an authentic raw material that is still
maintained to this day. Our hope is that with a packaged web series
in this funny and interesting way, it can be easily understood and accepted
Indonesian people,” he said.

Shin Hee Sung also added that the existence of Gochujang products that have been certified halal from MUI is able to attract public interest to explore further about Korean cuisine.

Let's Cook
“Moreover, the current K-wave in Indonesia is very high, so in the future we also plan to present more halal products from CJ that can be enjoyed by the Indonesian people,” he added.

Let's Cook
Web series “Let’s Cook! With Halal Gochujang” will later be aired in 5 episodes where it tells the story of various flavors of Korean cuisine wrapped with excitement from influencers to useful information related to cultural values ​​that will be played by the influencers. Alphi, Vidya, Geraldy, Bora, and Jinjuu and can be watched on the KCCIndonesia Youtube Channel until the end October 2021


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