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Three Creative Projects Worth Rp. 111 Million Using the Xiaomi 11T Series

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Xiaomi, a consumer electronics and smart manufacturing technology company that focuses on smartphones, smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to support lifestyles, is supporting three creative projects in the form of videos using the Xiaomi 11T Series smartphone.

Not kidding, Xiaomi provides support by pouring funds of Rp. 111 million. This initiative proves that the Xiaomi 11T Series is the best device to realize the creative visions of young people, one of which is thanks to the 108MP pro-grade triple camera.

The three creative projects born from the #WorkYourMagicProject campaign are videos made by three talented young creators with stories full of imagination. The three are Lilli Latisha, David Ruslanto, and Edi Wiratama. You can watch the video on the Work Your Magic Award playlist on Youtube Xiaomi Indonesia.

Lilli Latisha expressed her love for Indonesian culture and gave her appreciation in her own way. Titled “Remixed Culture”, it invites the audience to follow Lilli’s journey in understanding the richness of culture in Indonesia.

The next video from David Ruslanto explores the beauty of the panorama in Rote and Kupang which explores the beauty of the panorama such as the savanna and the diversity of flora and fauna there. David is free to lift the beauty of Eastern Indonesia using the Xiaomi 11T series camera to capture the richness of color and detail.

The third video comes through the hands of Edi Wiratama who explores the cultural richness of Bali through a video entitled “Magical Dream”. Edi raised traditional Balinese life which is still closely related to its culture and arts. Through visual language, this video offers a refreshing interpretation of Balinese dance for the audience.

The #WorkYourMagicProject campaign is a Rp111 million funding initiative from Xiaomi to support the creative work of Xiaomi Fans by utilizing the Xiaomi 11T Series as their main device and announced in November 2021.

Previously, Xiaomi collaborated with four creators namely Aqil Muhamad Affif (@aqilavviv), Dian Rockmad Bayutirto (@dianrockmad), Darin Azhari Nurfasa (@darinazva), and Akbar Al Aziz (@akbaralaziz) to produce a short film entitled “The Mission”, which also uses the Xiaomi 11T Series.

The Xiaomi 11T series comes with a 108MP pro-grade triple camera to produce the highest resolution images with support from AI to support user creativity. Optimized with the latest technology of 9-in-1 pixel binning which takes sharp images without excessive noise.

Camera support also comes with the smart Dual Native ISO feature. This feature is deliberately set to choose the most ideal camera ISO setting for the conditions when the picture was taken. Yes! Xiaomi is indeed one of the smartphone manufacturers that also never stops to innovate.

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