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Thousand Islands Pari Island Tour

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Holidays in Pari Island, Thousand Islands

Directory-Tourism – The tourist attractions of Pari Island, the Thousand Islands are easy to reach and offer an exciting tourist experience.

Spending vacation time with family and relatives who are not too far from the capital city of Jakarta, we can travel on Pari Island, the Thousand Islands. This location can be a fun choice of tourist destinations for us to spend vacation time on the weekends.

Pari Island Tour

Pari Island tourism trips are very easy to reach, we can go to Pari Island only by using a motorized ferry boat and the cost is relatively cheap. It is not surprising that many residents of the capital city of Jakarta and its surroundings make this a favorite tourist spot for the Thousand Islands which is crowded with visitors as a place to spend vacation time.

The crossing place to Pari Island, we can use the boat crossing service via Marina Ancol Beach or the Muara Anngke ship pier. For additional information, for those of us who are going to make a crossing to one of the islands in the Thousand Islands, you can be present at the crossing location in the morning before 06.00 WIB

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The atmosphere of Muara Angke port in Jakarta is one of the ferry ports that are ready to take the residents of the Thousand Islands who will return to their homes, and tourists who will travel to Pari Island, Pramuka Island, and other islands for vacation.

Pulau Pari Island Pier Thousand Islands

The sea crossing trip by boat from Muara Angke to Pari Island +/- will take 1 hour under normal and smooth conditions. For ferry boat ticket prices starting from Rp. 40,000, – up to Rp. 180,000, – which we can choose for the type of ferry that we will use.

Pari Island Tour

After going through the crossing for 1 hour accompanied by waves and a fairly strong sea breeze, we finally arrived at the Pari Island pier. For those of us who are going on a cruising trip Pari Island tour can use the bicycle services provided and priced at Rp. 15.000,-/ bicycle located at the location to get around the tourist attractions of Pari Island which provides several interesting tourist attractions to visit.

pari island virgin beach

Virgin Beach located on Pari Island is one of the most popular and beautiful beach tourist destinations in Indonesia Pari Island tourist attractions. It is said that from the information obtained by the Tourist Directory at the location, this beach was originally discovered, this beach really looks clean, clear and untouched by the outside world or by any visitors, and the water is still clean and clear and has not been contaminated. by marine waste. And this area is one of the most popular thousand island tourist attractions on the bustling Pari Island to visit.

The beauty of the white sand beaches that lie wide along the lines of the Virgin Beach of Pari Island, makes us feel a different holiday sensation in the Thousand Islands while releasing fatigue from our daily activities. One of the tourist activities on Pari Island that can be done on the beach, we can choose a beach game ride, while enjoying young coconut ice on the beach at a price of Rp. 10,000,- / fruit. Or we can plant mangrove tree seedlings which we can get at locations that are sold for Rp. 1,000, – up to Rp. 3,000,- .

Pari Island Tour

However, for those of us who are going to snorkel at the beautiful coral reef spots in the area around Pari Island, we can go to the location by using an engine boat which is +/- 20 minutes from Pari Island. At this snorkeling spot, we will find coral reefs with beautiful marine habitats without having to struggle to dive.

Pari Island Coral Reef

The coral reefs at this spot are quite shallow. So we just swim on the sea surface while taking photos or videos with very beautiful views of the shallow seabed. We would never have thought that in the calm blue sea, it turns out that at the bottom of the sea there are a lot of coral reefs and various beautiful marine life, and this location is one of the interesting Jakarta beach attractions located in the Thousand Islands.

This Pari Island tourist spot also has several inns that can be used to stay and spend vacation time in the Thousand Islands with children, family and friends which are priced around Rp. 500,000,- / night. However, for weekends or the end of the year with holidays, lodging prices can soar due to the large number of requests.

Pari Island tourism in the Thousand Islands will provide a different and memorable atmosphere, where we will be presented with a very beautiful side view of the thousand islands with the biodiversity and local wisdom of the people who are friendly in serving the guests who visit. Pari Island tourist attractions which is the location we will visit.[]

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