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Those involved in the film Paranoia

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The film Paranoia has been nominated for the Citra Trophy for Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Female Actor and Best Sound Producer from the 2021 Indonesian Film Festival.

But what about those who are directly involved in this film?

Here’s the summary

according to Riri Riza about the appearance of the actors of the film Paranoia

“I am very lucky to be able to work with them. Caitlin, Nico, Lukman, and Nirina are very talented actors who devote all their abilities to the characters they play. For me, the most important thing is how actors can seek their own experience in interpreting the characters they play. The wounds of the past and the fears that followed can be presented well and still look attractive in the picture frame.”

The strength of the characters that will be shown in this film

Riri Riza also commented on the genre carried by Miles Films

“The film Paranoia is an exploration of a new genre for me. The screenplay of this film invites us to enter into a tense story experience.

Collaborating with cinematography Teoh Gay HianSound and Music Arranger Aria Prayogi, is a process that gave me a lot of new experiences. Despite working in limited conditions due to the pandemic, this film still provides a lot of fun. I am very proud that the film Paranoia received an appreciation from FFI,”

Paranoia movie

according to Mira Lesmana regarding the 2021 FFI nominations received

“Paranoia is a film with a new approach for Miles Films, it is an honor to be nominated for Best Feature Film at FFI 2021. Thank you to the FFI 2021 Nomination Judges for their appreciation,”

“Indonesian cinema is showing its enthusiasm to get excited again and prove that we are capable of continuing to work and excel in this situation. Cinemas have also been operating again and by implementing the best health protocols, I believe Indonesian film lovers will return to the cinema to help revive our film industry, “

according to Nirina Zubir

I didn’t expect Miles Films to make a thriller genre film, because this was beyond the habits of Riri Riza and Mira Lesmana and was also known to her. He admitted that while reading the script, he was always nervous, unsure, so he repeatedly asked the truth about this film project.

Nirina Zubir did not mind at all, being quarantined in a separate place so that he had to be separated from his family, for about a month to carry out the shooting process for this film.

During the process, he also felt a pleasant atmosphere, because he met the same people and also brought back his memories of the production process years ago, which used to require a separate place.

Thriller genre, meeting the same people but having fun, during a pandemic, makes Nirina Zubir enthusiastic

Nirina Paranoia

The film Paranoia, the first thriller drama genre from director Riri Riza and producer Mira Lesmana, will be available simultaneously throughout Indonesia on November 11, 2021, only in theaters.

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