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This year, more and more Indonesian short films are traveling the world (Minikino film week)

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Thanks to the network of collaborations and exchanges carried out by Minikino, Indonesian short films can be campaigned around various international short film festivals outside Indonesia from August 2021 to December 2021.

On 7-21 August 2021, nine Indonesian short films recommended by Minikino were successfully screened in Berlin, Germany thanks to the collaboration with Soydivision collective as the organizer of KAUM Indonesian Alternative Performance & Film Festival 2021. The nine films are Angpao (Stefanus Cancan, Fiction, 2020), Being Dara (Sarah Adilah, Fiction, 2019), Benjamin’s Whistle (Aryo Danusiri, Fiction, 2000), Fingers Dancing on Wounds (Sarah Putri Amelia, Fiction, 2019), One of Those Murder (Jerry Hadiprojo, Fiction, 2019), Rong (Indira Iman, Fiction, 2019), Shin Hua (Erick Sutanto, Documentary, 2020), and Sunrise in the Forest (Samuel Ruby, Fiction, 2019)

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After Germany, the films Dancing Fingers Over the Wounds and One of Those Murder continue to be screened in Italy with Hi Guys, Come Back Again With Me, God! directed by Winner Wijaya (2020). This time Minikino collaborates with the Nót Film Festival (to present the three Indonesian short films on the big screen in Santarcangelo city in Romagna, Rimini province on 24-29 August 2021 ago.

In September 2021, the collaboration of Minikino Film Week, Bali International Short Film with Seoul Yeongdeungpo International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festivall (SESIFF) was successfully implemented.

This time the negotiations for the exchange of short film programs between festivals in the two countries took place by presenting the SESIFF program at MFW7 (3-11 September 2021) while the Indonesia Focus: Minikino Film Week short film program was screened on the 13th SESIFF (7-12 September 2021). In addition, Fransiska Prihadi as program director of MFW is also part of the international competition jury committee at SESIFF (Fransiska sits on the jury along with directors Michèle Jacob (Belgium) and IM Jinsoon (Korea).

Selected Indonesian short films in the S-Express Indonesia 2021 program, showing efforts to understand the challenges of the diversity of Indonesian society. As a multi-ethnic archipelagic country, Indonesia has unique material to be made into short films.

There were six short Indonesian films selected, namely Mayang O Mayang (Anggita Puri, Fiction, 2019), Shin Hua (Erick Sutanto, documentary, 2020), Chintya (Sesarina Puspita, Fiction, 2019), Hey Guys Come Back Again With Me, God! (Winner Wijaya, Fiction, 2020), and Maria Ado’e (Gleinda Stefany, Fiction, 2020).

In addition to these six films, there are two more films, namely Jemari Yang Dancing Above Luka-Luka by Sarah Putri Amelia and Bura by Eden Junjung which was screened at SESIFF 2021 Korea“said the programmer and program director of Minikino, Fransiska Prihadi.

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S-Express is a short film program exchange movement that connects Southeast Asian countries. This network has been running every year since its initiation in 2002. This movement is still the only self-help program, where cultural exchanges and relationships can occur through the medium of short films. This activity also connects a number of programmer and film festivals in Southeast Asia. The countries involved in S-Express 2021 are Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

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Besides being screened at the 13th SESIFF (Korea), the S-Express 2021 Indonesia program was also screened in Bali at the recent MFW7. The next schedule is December 2021, planned to be screened again in the city of Bangkok, in the annual Thai Short Film & Video Festival.

Apart from Indonesia and Korea, Minikino has also prepared a short film program at the invitation of the Image Forum Festival, Japan (This year, there are nine programs themed “Film in Shelter” take the stage in the world’s oldest and largest experimental film festival.

The theme raised is about the existence of “film” which is threatened by natural disasters, political pressure, and various other reasons. The themes raised include missing or damaged film material, to the issue of film screening locations and programming at stake.


The following are selected Indonesian short films that will be screened at the Theater Image Forum, Tokyo on 27 September 2021 and Lumen Gallery, Kyoto on 29 October 2021; Citarum (Ali Satri Efendi, Documentary, Experimental, 2020), Ngelimbang (Rian Apriansyah, Fiction, 2015), Ojek Lusi (Winner Wijaya, Documentary, 2017), Palu Command Post (Tim Baretto, Documentary, Indonesia-Australia, 2019), Time Lapse (Jonathan Hagard, Animation, French-Indonesian).

The act of selecting short films for programs to be screened, as part of disaster relief assistance, is a familiar job for Minikino. At the time of the eruption of Mount Agung in Bali in 2017, Minikino Film Week held a film screening in the form of a Pop-up cinema in several refugee camps. In 2018 and 2019, the MFW traveling festival team also attended in Lombok successively to hold a step-by-step screen,” said I Made Suarbawadirector Travel Festival MFW.

Image Forum Festival organized two transnational hybrid dialogues from 25-26 September 2021, addressing the topic of how cinema can survive in the face of obstacles or disasters. In panel 1, “When a Disaster Changes Cinema” presenting a panel of Minikino program director, Fransiska Prihadi, along with Norberto Roldan (Green Papaya, Philippines) and Kanako Nakanishi (Kawasaki City Museum, Japan). Meanwhile on Panel 2, “Navigating Through the (Political) Turbulence” presented panelists Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa (Thailand) and Thaiddhi (Myanmar).

Therefore, Until the end of 2021, there will be a total of 20 Indonesian short films brought by Minikino Film Week to be screened in six countries.

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